Cast of Characters:Tyra

Tyra-in-lace_wht-tulleHi. My name is Tyra and I was named after supermodel, Tyra Banks. (All of the dolls that reside here are named after supermodels of today and yesteryear.) I was produced by Robert Tonner, and even though my owner collects mostly 12-inch dolls, I am a 16 inch beauty that marked the debut of my owner’s collection. She purchased me in hopes of convincing the school where she worked as a consultant, to purchase more dolls for a fund-raising venture. The money would have benefitted less fortunate students studying fashion design in the Caribbean, but sadly, this did not happen. At least, I ended up in a good home with someone who loves fashion and dolls.

I stand tall, looking fabulous on the piano (our podium of sorts) in the livingroom with my long, curly brown hair, blue eyes and a reserved smile. I am completely articulated, can be put in any pose and I can also wear high heels or flats. I look divine in anything and absolutely everything which is good, because my owner rarely makes clothes for me, even though I have my own dress form. (I’ve heard, she is intimidated by my beauty, though I wish she would simply relax and experiment the way she does with the Barbies.) On occasion, she drapes magnificient fabrics around me and takes pictures which she then sends to her friends. But I can’t complain because she went to Paris and bought me two complete Tonner outfits  complete with exquisitely made shoes and stockings.

I serve as a mentor to all the other girls. But I do wish I had another friend like me……..


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  1. Oh, this is so, so, much fun!!! It’s really all about getting to know “the girls”! I adore Tyra. She reminds of me someone I know…. dressed like that too…. wonder….Talk to me some more. – Olympia

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