Karen’s New Ensemble

Karen-in-LV3My name is Karen (after supermodel, Karen Mulder who graced the Parisian runways in the 1980’s). I am one of the ‘girls’ who first lured April into investing in the Barbie Basics collectables back in 2009. I am usually soft-spoken, but today and I am through the roof because, at long last, my owner has finally freed me from my little black dress (which I still love) and dressed me in a gorgeous Louis Vuitton inspired, black lace encrusted, pink silk slip-dress and matching kimono coat. Actually, I appeared on the catwalk modeling the dress earlier this month. But today, April decided to make the coat as a way of showing how the basic kimono bathrobe can be cut in a luxury fabric for an evening coat.

Okay, so it looks more like lingerie. But that’s what makes it hot!!! April says lingerie inspired trends have been in before. I can see why they are so popular. Karen-in-LV

April has been incredibly busy making us lots of gorgeous frocks and then blogging about them. All of the girls are thrilled!!!!  Yesterday, a new model came into the flock. Her name is Cathy and you’ll be hearing from her shortly…..