Cathy, the Fit Model

PMounia-Cathysssst.  it’s Cathy here. I’m not sure it’s my time to speak. You can say, I’ve jumped the queue a bit. I arrived two days ago and was IMMEDIATELY put to work. (Others stand around all day doing nothing but posing, you know!!!) I was named after a rather successful runway model who worked in Paris April first arrived in Paris many years ago. Her name was Cathy Belmont and she was tall, beautiful, very glamorous and originally from Detroit. (Donyale Luna, the first top model of color was also born there). April doesn’t know whatever happened to Cathy, so in her memory, I was given the name.Cathy-side

I first underwent a serious makeover. My super long locks were clipped. Not sure that was a good idea because my hair is super straight. Thus far, we have NOT agreed upon a suitable hairstyle. April re-did my makeup as well. I had bright pink lipstick like my sister which was quickly wiped and replaced with a simple glazing of lip gloss. Now that, I really like because it really distinguishes me from the other 50-some girls here. Shoe-redo

Curiously, she re-did my shoes as well. Not because there was anything wrong with them from a style point of view, but April HATED the bubble gum pink color. They are now a matte beige and the miniscule nail heads were painted gold. It’s interesting how with a simple change of color, the sophistication of the shoe really comes through. I must say, I love my shoes now.

My original frock was removed and I was given a bathrobe in its place. Underneath, I’m wearing a body-stocking specially marked with lines around my vital statistics. I understand I will be fitted for some truly gorgeous clothes. And that for me, makes the trip from Target to this house worth the trip!!! Most definitely!!!Cathy-fit-model