Budget Beauties

Pointless to go looking for dolls like us on any other doll site. We three are dollar store dollies. I know….we look almost as nice as the other girls in these photos…. That’s because April has such a big heart and positively LOVES a challenge.Kirat-before



Hi, I’m Kirat (named after a famous Indian runway model). I am grateful to have such a prestigious name, given my origins. I was purchased in a dollar store in downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad for use in a Color & Design project at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion & Design. Here is a picture of me (in the pink gown). My first owner did not completely understand the project. She was to have selected an object to transform into an African, Asian and then Indian expression of art, through the use of ethnic motifs. Instead, my owner simply pasted gold braid and paillettes onto my existing dress. I was put on display in the exhibition anyway. But afterwards, she tossed me in the back of a closet and forgot about me.  A year later April found me, cleaned me up and did a complete makeover: new makeup, new hairstyle, a new set of clothes. I feel great. And look at me now!!!!



Hey, Linda here. Before Kirat, I was given to April as a gift. I am Trinidadian as well. (Not everyone on the island is brown, you know.) I was originally named Maria, after the human who found me in the dollar store. For the first year, I remained on a shelf in April’s office, clad in tacky pink/purple on white fake fur pants, black platform shoes and a lavender shell top. At least I had my own dress form. But April was not inspired. I remained a decoration until she left that job. Once I arrived in the US, I was given a super make-over and, like everyone else, a supermodel name: “Linda” after Linda Evangelista. My re-looking was spectacular. My hair was swept into a up-do and I have several outfits. But the look I love best is the dramatic black crepe dress created especially for me. (I also love the (real) pearl necklace.)

You too dolls really have it well off, I must say. My name is Miyotte. I’m American, though I was named after a West Indian model April met years ago at the Grace Del Marco Agency in New York. But you guys… you two could almost be real Barbies, especially compared to me. April found me in a dollar store in Detroit. I am the most cheaply made doll in the house and felt almost too embarrassed to come out of my box. Frankly, I was quite surprise that April even picked me up. My dress was hideous. My face was painted indiscriminately  like a clown. My body is badly proportioned (I have man-boobs), my limbs are hollow, my feet and hands are like mittens and I had only a ring of hair around the peripheral of my head. In other words, I was partially bald. She told me she wanted to see if she could transform me into a real fashion doll. I had serious doubts.



April wiped my face, redrew my mouth and gave me teeth. She added hair extensions and created a lace dress and even shoes custom made just for me. I never knew I could look so good. Okay, so you won’t find me in any of the postings over on Fashion Doll Stylist (or anywhere else, for that matter). But still, I am the luckiest doll to come out the dollar store! Sadly, however, my sisters won’t enjoy the same fate. April said she would NEVER try that exercise again. Something about it taking way too much time………….




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    • EmilyAnn, this exercise showed me why things cost what they cost. I had originally wanted to propose a project to my colleagues in Trinidad whereby they would buy Dollar Store Barbies, redress them and hold an auction to raise money for young start-ups in their tiny fashion industry. Alas, I had to think of something else as this process took too much time.!

  1. I understand, April. It took longer to make the rhinestone look like a diamond than it took for the coal to turn into a real diamond! I’m speaking in terms of time in an exaggerated way but I know what you mean.

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