Trini Doll-icious



We are Barbies from the Caribbean we are gorgeous dolls!!!! GORGEOUS!!! Moreover, we proudly wear dresses designed by women from our country who offered us to April as gifts, the night before she left Trinidad. Our clothes aren’t just “pretty dresses.” They are miniature versions of award winning creations. Though we have already appeared on Fashion Doll Stylist (the Trini Connection), we do not get changes of clothes.  (Maybe a colorful scarf tossed across our shoulders from time to time).April prefers we remain an homage to the talent of our compatriots.

Hi miss. I’m Liya. I was named after Liya Kebede, an exotic model who was star of the catwalks in Paris in the 1990’s. My most unusual dress was designed by Charmaine Charles, a VERY talented grad from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion & Design. She entered the MasterCard Fashion Competition back in 2010. There were a number of projects they had to complete and this one required participants to design an outfit using unconventional materials. Charmaine used macramé and seashells for the bodice of the dress and wooden clothespins she dyed black for the skirt.  The wire hinges were transformed into a really cool bracelet. When the model wore this dress in the show, all the audience heard was “clickity-clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.My dress is an exact replica in miniature. The designer made it with the same materials including doll sized clothes pins. You can imagine the surprise look on April’s face when she took me out of the package!


April loved ALL of her gifts, my dear. Good day, miss. I am Veronica (named after 90’s supermodel, Veronica Webb) and my very glamorous dress is by Linda Joseph, another grad from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion & Design. Linda won one of the prestigious Designer Critic Awards after her third year in school. Like the original dress, everything including the hand painted design of the silk, was made by Linda. The theme, set by local designer, Heather Jones, was “Caribbean Carnival.” We LOVE Car-nee-val!!!!

Indeed we do! Jamilia here. I was actually named after a Trinidadian–another grad from the CAFD (in fashion management). Exceptionally I don’t have a supermodel name because April looked at me and insisted I was a spitting image of Jamilia Alexander. Anyway, in spite of my looks, I am not Trinidadian. You could say, I’m an adopted Trini. The dress I’m wearing was realized by Patricia Lewis, though the original was the collective effort of a group for the Fashion Icon competition. That particular group had to research and be inspired by Balenciaga. The idea was that a major fashion icon is stranded in Trinidad & Tobago and must design a collection using the local materials. The group was inspired by the Spanish aesthetics of the couturier. The real genius of this garment lies in the fabric: hand-dyed, hand painted muslin. Who knew such a crappy fabric (excuse the language) could be so lovely!!!!!