Pat & Her Dress of Ungaro Lace

I’m not getting much in the way of clothes here, but I have little to complain aboutPat-in-purple….I suppose. I was named after the famous 1970’s model, Pat Cleveland. I’m not sure how close I resemble her, (there is a new girl who looks more like her, alas…), but I can tell you I am one of April’s favorite dolls in the room. I know this because I reside on the nightstand next to where she sleeps. I am one of the first dolls April sees when she wakes up.

I believe April has taken a particular liking to me because (besides my looks) I have natural (non-straight) hair. You know, her favorite dolls are those with something different than the norm. That’s why she seems to be drawn to the dark-skinned dolls. They are so unusual. Beautiful and unusual.

Pat-in-silver-laceMy face was designed by famed New York designer, Byron Lars. What separates me from the others is the texture of the skin on my face which is velvety matte. April says my features (and those of my relatives) are so gorgeous, so fashion, that it is easy to turn us into high fashion models.

At first, April wrapped me in pretty silks and draped jewelry around me. Then she created an outstanding gown with an under dress made from rayon jersey (I think she cut up her own lingerie), over which she stitched French Chantilly lace (originally from the Emanuel Ungaro ateliers) dotted with crystals. As if that weren’t enough, she draped rhinestones around my hair and a most unusual necklace strung with rhinestone balls around my neck. It is gorgeous. Really.

I am happy. I feel honored. But…pssssssssssssttttt……just between us girls……….I WISH she would make me more clothes !!!!! I need a change of clothing I need different shoes. More fashion, please!!!!