Fabulous Carla

Chanel-inspired-necklaceWell, it’s about time a supermodel gets to speak. I’m Carla and I’m simply fabulous. First, I was named after Carla Bruni, former superstar model turned former First Lady of France. No one else in this house can lay claim to that! And like Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, I look great in everything. If there were rock stars or French president Sakozy dolls, I’d surely be married to one!!!!

Anyway, I am part of that initial team of Basic Black Label Barbies that April simply couldn’t get enough of. I have pale white skin, long black hair, ruby red lips and long legs. What more could a girl ask for. I don’t have many clothes, but what I do have is…..well…..fabulous. The first thing April did for me was to make a crème colored lace with sequined bolero jacket and a crème lace shawl. But what I simply adore is my fur coat. Oh yes, I have a grey striped, long-haired novelty faux fur. Fabulous, just fabulous. Carla-art-patron

Yesterday I was featured on Fashion Doll Stylist showing off my Chanel inspired pearl jewelry and sunglasses and my Fendi inspired bag. I was also photographed the day before that for the spread on sheath dresses. This is the third dress April made of a striped fabric she brought from abroad year before last. The other two were….unsuccessful.  Believe me, no one looked good in those dresses. But after many trials and tribulations, she finally succeeded in making one that actually looks quite good. I was also able to recuperate the matching stole. Together with the pearl jewelry and the see-thru handbag with a complimentary black and white scarf, the over all look is quite glamorous.

To be honest, all of the girls are thrilled about these blogs. The more April blogs, the more new clothes and accessories everyone gets! Hmmm…I’ll have to start paying more attention to my favorite fashion websites like elle.fr and style.com so I can pitch lots of ideas to April!!!!