Happy Easter Bonnet


Hi there. A few of us got together and decided to post our own Easter bonnet photo.

Take special notice that “Ms. Fabulous” a.k.a. Carla Is NOT amongst us!!! She didn’t want to muss up her hair with a hat AND she felt Easter Bonnets were not her “thing.”

However, the rest of us love these over the top head gear. April told us how, when she was much younger, she and her mother would station themselves across the street from a Baptist church just to see the parade of parishioners stream out, after services, with their new spring clothes and their glorious hats. That sounds so much fun!!!

About 10 of us got hats this year. We just couldn’t fit everyone into the picture. But you can find close-ups and the rest of the hats on Fashion Doll Stylist.   On behalf of all the girls (“including the newest ones who just arrived), we’d like to wish everyone….