Billie, the fashion plate

Billie in white mink2You’re looking at the REAL fashion star, here. I’m Billie and I was named after one of the most famous runway models of the 1970’s, Billie Blair. I don’t look anything like her but I do sport a hairstyle that is COMPLETELY different from every other doll’s in the house. My ‘do is thoroughly modern….one of the reasons I look so good in almost everything! EVERYONE loves my hair and wishes they could get the look. But even April cannot figure out how to duplicate it on another doll. (Tant mieux!)

Unlike Carla, I am not a snob. Like Cathy, I started out as a fit model. I’m no fool. Being a fit model means getting first crack at a LOT of clothes before the other girls can squeeze their plastic bottoms into them. It also afforded me a trip to Paris!!!! Ha! Only one other girl has been to Paris. Even now, I volunteer to help out as fit model…just for the clothes, of course. I’ve even been in “virtual” garments just for the sake of pictures. For example, there are pictures of me in mink! No, there is no actual mink coat. April had an old mink collar and wanted to send someone a picture of me in mink. What a hoot!! Oh, before I forget….that’s me on the very first post of this blog. Billie-in-silver2

Here’s also a picture of me in a silver leather suit. Really cool. I loved that outfit until April made me an Ungaro-inspired embroidered houndstooth suit. On the other blog, I also get to wear a 2-piece chamois dress with matching fringed poncho and (real) turquoise jewelry. Then there was the fur cocoon, April made from a hat she brought back from Paris. In any case, she knows if an outfit doesn’t look good on any other doll, she can count on me to pull off the look. Chapeau! (Actually, I opted out of the Easter Bonnet photo shoot.)

Yeah, I’ve been featured on the other Fashion blog several times–even for one of those “how-to” series. And guess what….you’ll be seeing LOTS more of me!!!!Billie-in-chamois-outfit