Vanilla Fudge



Ha, ha, ha….I’m another one of those Trini dolls!!!! (You see me smiling from ear to ear don’t you!) My name is Sheryl (named after Cheryl Tiegs, supermodel of the 1970’s. I should point out, April misspelled the name!) Okay, I know what you’re saying. I don’t look Trinidadian to you, yada, yada, yada. But as my compatriots have already explained, not everyone in T&T is a brown bombshell. Some bombshells are vanilla and just as sweet as chocolate sisters!!!!

I was the Trini-doll offered to April the day before her departure from the island. I wore the yellow, hand painted muslin dress that won the Fashion Icon competition. My former owner, Patricia Lewis was part of the team involved in the design, but it was her who made the mini-version for me. Well……everyone loved the dress but they all gushed over the dolls of color. I was quite surprised by April’s very positive reaction to me.

She immediately discovered the tattoo on my backside indicating the year my “type” was created (1968) as well as the country of manufacture (Malaysia). You see I’m a classic Barbie complete with blue eyes, dimples, powder pink cheeks with matching lips and a body that bends and swivels at the waist. I have long blonde fine hair that wouldn’t hold a style until April gave me a perm. I must say, I love my big hair. I’m not really a “collector” doll. I was created as a toy for little girls, though one day, my little pal put me down. I was crushed! (They get to a certain age and kick us to the curb for boys!!!) I’m old-school (doesn’t it show) which is why I’m giving you all of this “history.” Anyway, Linda, the other white Trini, is my best friend and both of us enjoy being part of the house. We keep each other company and reminisce about life in the tropics (though the cooler temps up here are much better for our skin).Sheryl-in-b-w-print

Since I’m a “doll of a certain age,” I don’t have those super long legs or that hoity-toity pout. I have a great big smile like Miss America…something April is not terribly found of. But still, she makes a huge effort to keep me in style…which is good, given the competition. I know I’m not as hot as the other girls, but sometimes, when April makes outfits that don’t work on them, I get first dibs. Moreover, I have been on that fashion blog, showing off my curves and curls!!!Sheryl-in-blk-taffeta2

When I first arrived a year and a half ago, me and April made a deal. I gave up the yellow dress (which, by the way, looks way better on Jamilia, even if she’s not a Trini) and in exchange, I get clothes made just for me. April kept her promise. I have a gorgeous black corset and matching full skirt and coat…all cut from silk taffeta! And I just received a really classic beige silk faille dress. At the end of the day, I know I got the better end of the deal!!!!