So Phat!



Hi hi!!! We are the newest arrivals in the house. We didn’t even know we were a hot item, at first. You see, we’re the Baby Phat So-In-Style Barbies. We have fully articulated hands, arms and legs and our makeup is lighter. We can sit and cross our legs. We can bend our arms. And we can express ourselves with our hands…something the rest of the dolls here cannot do. We don’t work well as fit models because our hands bend and tend to get in the way…according to April. I think it’s because she’s not used to working with us. We’re slowly making friends with the rest of the house, though we do like to get together, sit down and chat.



A couple weeks ago, April brought three of us home then realized she forgot to return to the aisle in the store where our sister was also waiting. The store is miles away from the house. When she went on line to see if she could send for Joan, she discovered how rare we really are. The few places where you can find the Baby Phat edition (like are asking 3-times the original price and most of the major stores don’t even stock us!!! But we are all very lucky. Last week, while April was on the way to buy a super delicious cake for Easter (Vanilla Bavarian with Fruit–yum-yum), she stopped back by where she found the rest of us and lo and behold, our sister was still there waiting for April’s return. Hooray. We jumped for joy when she came into the room and took her place atop the chest of drawers next to the rest of us.

I’m Karen and I take my name after one of fashion’s current hot models, Karen Alexander. I was photographed for the makeover segment at FDS to show fans how you can create the look of a shorter style simply by catching the hair into a ponytail at the crown and combing the hair down around the face. April said she used to do this with her hair when she was our age. When we arrived at the house dressed in what we thought was totally hot, we wondered why our clothes were immediately removed and replace with other garments. She liked my black shiny leggings and platform shoes, but gave me a black silk taffeta coat to wear. I really like it here. The room is filled with lots of fashion dolls, lots of clothes and lots of energy. A bit of a mess, but that’s what makes it so much fun.



Hello. I’m Joan…the doll April returned to find at the store. I was named after another current superstar model of color, Joan Smalls. At first, my heart was broken when April left the store the first time with my sisters but not me. How did I miss the boat? When April first saw me she felt I looked too much like many others in the house (though I don’t agree). Selita is very fair which makes her different. Karen has blonde streaks and Sessilie is one of the dark skinned dolls that are so rare. So I guess I wasn’t a priority. I’m sure happy April came to her senses and returned to the store for me. Yesterday was my time on FDS and I’m really happy with the pictures. I’m wearing a retro lingerie look with pink and beige lace full panties and a little lace bra with a pink pearl between the breasts. Very pin-up! Yeah, but did you see MY photo??? My name is Selita (after Selita Ebanks) and yesterday, I may as well have been named….Lolita. I’m in the opening shot for “Down Under: Les Petites Culottes” (little panties). And little they were. I had on a completely unbuttoned shirt and a teeny-weeny pair of white panties with (click) that much lace and two tiny bows. OMG!!! The provocative shot of me here with the feather boa is one of the out-takes. Hope Mattel isn’t watching. I could lose my Barbie credentials!!!



Ha, ha, ha….my photos are absolutely STEAMY! I’m Sessilie (as in Sessilie Lopez). And I’m the lady in red. You know what they say about brown women in red! We ssssssizzle!!! When I was chosen for this shoot, I was a little uncomfortable at first, but April assured me the shots would remain “clean.” So little by little I loosened up and began to get into the mood of things. It was like being in a red satin boudoir. I saw the photos she posted this morning of all of us. They really are very beautiful. But boy, are they super sexy!!! Maybe this posting should be rated double R. Red & Racy!!!