Laid Back, Latoya

Latoya-closeupMy name is Latoya and contrary to popular belief, I was NOT named after Michael Jackson’s sister. I take my name after LaToya Woods, a Trinidadian model who went on to become Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2009. Ms. Woods followed Anya Ayoung-Chee, who had the title the year before. Her mandate ended steeped in scandal, so I was really happy when Anya pulled herself together and went on to win season nine of Project Runway.

Anyway, I don’t know that I resemble Latoya too much. She had dark hair, I’m a blonde. April named me after her because we have the same “bob” haircut AND the fact that she was one of the favorite illustration models at the university down there.  Can you believe it. Miss Trinidad & Tobago posed for the fashion drawing class at the university. Incredible!

Me, I sport a very chic bob and very natural makeup—much more so than the other girls. But I HATE messy hair, so in order to keep every strand in place, my hair has lacquer. (A few of us dolls do use the stuff, you know.)


My favorite outfit.

I’ve only worn a skirt once and even then, it was over my pants. I have nice long legs and as such, April likes to keep me in jeans. And that is perfectly fine by me. I’m so comfortable in jeans! But just to change it up, once, she added a crush of silver lace and tons of crystals to my denim look. Very eclectic, I must say. If I were going to go out to such a formal event, this is how I’d dress….jeans jazzed up with lots of bling.

Jeans & bling.

Jeans, lace & lots of bling.

Like many of us high fashion girls in the house, April doesn’t fuss over me as much as she does with the “younger” dolls. I haven’t really been all that crazy about fashion so I don’t really care.  Modeling is just an easy way to earn my living. Nonetheless, I don’t get much in the way of clothes and I have not been down posing on the piano for quite some time. But like I’ve said before, I’m perfectly happy in my jeans, T-shirt and heels. Give me jazz, a good film and my circle of doll friends. But who knows…..April’s been ratcheting up the level of excitement over the fashions she’s creating for her blog. And then, there’s this blog where we get to say what we want. I must admit…of late, I do find myself wondering when she’ll make something new for me. Eek, I’m catching the fever!!!!