Lovely Latetia



Of everyone in the house, I’m probably the most unexpected choice when it comes to being cast on Fashion Doll Stylist. I’m Latetia, named after French supermodel, Latetia Costa. Like her, I have a demure personality. I first came to April last year, after having been cast as Mattel’s “it-girl” for the Barbie Basics (Jeans) Collection. I’m not super glam. I’m not edgy at all. But unlike LaToya, I do LOVE fashion so I am thrilled to be modeling for April.

Before arriving, I had heard that April was crazy about the first lineup of Black Basic (BB) girls. However, we noticed she didn’t seem too excited about many of us in the second collection which featured jeans. I don’t think it was the jeans. Most of the girls were, not “fashion” enough for April. As a result, she only warmed up to me and Latoya (whom you’ve already met). While it’s true, she doesn’t gravitate to the smiley dolls, she did see something in my face that pleased her. Latetia-in-painted-silk

The other dolls say I look way too serious. They think I don’t smile enough. Well, folks, that’s MY look. April, on the other hand, got it. She saw a multitude of possibilities. Things were a bit awkward at first. Not having the other doll’s snooty pout or hoity-toity swagger, I didn’t pair so well with the other BB dolls. So April designed this gorgeous, hand painted silk 2-piece gown for me and set me in the room with the very colorful Trini girls. (Boy, do they have a good time.) They were really nice to me and very good at helping boost my confidence. All of this has paid off.

The “chocolate” dolls (as some of us refer to the dolls of color) look so incredibly good in almost everything you put on them, April gravitates to them almost ignoring the rest of us. However, the blog must reach an international audience and so, sometimes, she knows she needs a different look–and skin tone–to pull off certain looks. That’s why there are so many of us and that’s why I fit the bill perfectly. For example, I REALLY did not expect to get the Easter bonnet fashion shoot. The hat (with red roses) was originally designed on Naomi C. (who you have not met thus far). Naomi was furious the picture of me in the hat was published and not hers. Well, after all…we returned the hat to her after the shoot.

Dress-tent-pix2Most of the other BB girls were too high fashion to pull it off the Easter bonnets. Many of the SIS girls were either too young, or “predictable” to pull off the hats. So, voila! I was one of a few BB dolls featured on that posting.

Yesterday was my second time on the cover–the opening picture for the blog post. The creamy beige lace tent dress April had designed, made my SIS friends look too….”first holy communion.” Many of the BB girls loved the dress, but it just didn’t suit their personalities. Me, on the other hand, with my demure, lost-in-the-stars look, stole the show in this garment. Of course, the garment is really nice, too. But I’ll tell you a  little secret. Everything was cut from old lingerie which is why it looks so vintage! Shhhh….don’t tell April I told you.