In Defense of Mexican Barbie

My favorite black linen coat--and my Chihuahua.On behalf of all the dolls in the house, I would like to express our sentiment with regards to all the hoopla over Mexican Barbie. We think all of the hoopla over her being insulting is totally ridiculous. I know Ms. Barbie Mexico well, and I can tell you she brings happiness to the people invite her into their home! And she is very pretty. You could say….she is a real Doll!!!

We know there is all of this discussion and analysis over her passport and it’s possible subliminal link to immigration reform. Pull-eezzze!!! First of all…well, you mean to tell me she has her own passport!!?? Do you know how jealous that makes the rest of us dolls? That means that Miss Barbie Mexico is liberated (more so than the rest of us) and can go anywhere in the world she wants. Ha! If I had that passport in my little plastic fingers, I would be off Europe, down to the Caribbean and possibly over to China in a snap.

And speaking of International Barbies…. other dolls have it slightly worse. French Barbie is wearing a beret and carries a basket of baguettes! Berets are so…post World War II. And nobody in France carries baguettes in a basket. Duh!! Poor Holland Barbie. Have you seen her hairstyle and those clogs? Yet and still, no one complains and the dolls themselves carry their look off with style and grace. And that my friends, is what it’s all about.

I wish people would get the politics out of dolls and dogs. At the end of the day, we’re just toys. The Chihuahua is adorable. After all, the doll told the designer the kind of dog she wanted to carry!!!  (At least, that’s what she told me.) Besides, I have the SAME little dog and I love him. See, he’s in the picture with me. I think people today have lost their sense of fun and humour.



Well now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’d like to formerly introduce myself. I’m Janice, named after 1980’s supermodel, Janice Dickinson. I am part of the first wave of Barbies in little black dresses to come to the house. April was drawn to me by my olive complexion as well my sleek bob hairstyle…even though I use a lot of lacquer to keep every hair in place. She thinks I look Italian.

Soon after I arrived, April made this amazing linen coat and hat for me which I have worn until recently. I was thrilled to have been chosen for the Easter hat shoot. That forced April to think about putting something new around my shoulders. And that’s a step in the right direction.

I hear there’s a trip to Paris coming up. But don’t think I’ll be chosen. Still I’m getting some very chic outfits these days. Personally, I think April’s paying the rest of us off in clothes so we won’t complain!!!


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  1. Hi April! I agree with you 100%. The Daily Mail, a U.K. paper, has a very critical article dated 9-14-14 about the Barbie International line. Yet the commenters for the most part love this doll and that series. At Amazon this doll gets 4 to 4 1/2 stars from Latino customers. There is definitely a contingent out to make trouble and unhappiness everywhere and I put that down to the media. I tried to paste the link to the article in the comment but the comment wouldn’t post. I hope you can find it through google. Keep up your good work and creative spirit. To be cowed by the politicaally correct contingent is to be repressed–it is an infringement on freedom of speech.

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