La Parisienne

20130428-010120.jpgIt’s been two weeks since anyone has posted. The truth is….many fights broke out as we got closer to the trip to Paris. My name is Eva and I am breaking the silence….especially since I came out way ahead of the other dolls.

First of all, I’ll introduce myself. I am one of the few dolls not named after a super model. I was named after a model who used to pose for April’s fashion drawing classes in Paris. Her name is Eva Schmidt and she is also a painter…and a mighty good one at that. What we have in common is our haircut.

Anyway, the first fight broke out over the dolly designer bags April created for her blog. Ha! I came out of the fray with a white Dior bag!!! Not bad. Next there was the question of the Chanel-inspired shoes. I wasn’t so lucky there, but that’s okay. They weren’t my size anyway. But here’s the real source of the battles….the trip to Paris.

April explained to everyone that she was taking the Phat girls there to live. Now that sounded fab until we learned they’d be pretty much on their own in the dark those long months when April isn’t there. But worse….they wouldn’t be getting any more clothes! HORRORS!!!!

That calmed everybody down until the very last minute when April decided to take two fair skinned more sophisticated dolls for the purposes of featuring them in the fashion postings. She said something about needing diversity. Whatever! And that’s when the fight broke out….

“Unfair” cried some of the other dolls. Why those two and not us? Fact is, both myself and Marpessa (who you have not met as yet), were chosen because we look French!!! We can’t help it if we have that je ne sais pas quoi.20130428-010146.jpg

Then there was the trip over. Me and Marpessa accompanied April on board. (She said it was due to the fragile nature of our lacquered hair.) In contrast, the Phat girls traveled fourth class scrunched together in one plastic box in the belly if the plane with their feet in each others face. It’s not funny but…. Ha ha ha…they were NOT happy. But I’m not too concerned because those dolls are the last ones to arrive and yet they were immediately snapped by April for photo shoots, new clothes and even the Paris digs. They had a few lumps and bumps on their way to France, however when they arrived at April’s apartment, looked up and saw the Eiffel Tower out of the window, all was forgiven and forgotten and they were just fine.

April has a very pretty little apartment. As soon as I stepped in, I thought, “I could totally do this.” If it weren’t for the not getting any more clothes, I’d petition to stay here too. But then again, those Phat girls are a little too fast for my taste. The first thing they wanted to know was….where were the French Ken dolls. Bad. Very bad!!!! Don’t tell April, but last night while she was asleep, they slipped out and did not return until dawn. Real party animals those Barbies. Bad girls, bad!!!!!