Quintessentially chic!

20130501-114629.jpgHi. You haven’t met me as yet. My name is Marpessa. I was named after A very popular catwalk model of the 1990’s. I am part of the last of the Barbie Basics line. I was a swimsuit model. And yes, because of my understated elegance and my tan complexion, April felt I was well suited to be part of the team sent to Paris for Fashion Doll Stylist.

I totally agree with Eva about Paris. I could totally do this. But I think without the presence of April, it would be hard to remain here on my own. Still, I am enjoying every minute of this trip. Every day, April finds something small to bring home to us. I LOVED the luxury brand shopping bags. Okay, so there wasn’t anything inside, but a girl can dream, n’est pas???!!!

Last night she brought us little flower hair clips which she will use to make us hats for the Concours d’Elegance at the Prix de Diane horse races next month.

All of my photo shoots thus far have been indoors. I am anxious about going out on location, however, the weather has been cold and rainy. One of the other dolls went out yesterday and is feeling very much under the weather today. So much for April in Paris. Personally I doubt that Cole Porter ever visited this city in April.


Yesterday, April wrapped me in a couple of her exquisite Hermes silk scarves for a “Barbie lost in luxury” edition. Wow!!! Who needs clothes when you have beautiful scarves & pocket squares!

Looking forward to my day out on Avenue Montaigne.