Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


We are having a blast. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here just over a week already. We have been so busy shopping, taking in the sites, photo shoots….we’ve hardly had a minute to catch our breath!

We have not yet been down to the Champs. The trip to avenue Montaigne and George V next week, is reserved for the BB (Barbie Basics) girls, but the rest of us have been everywhere else (including a few of the hottest Barbie parties).

So far, we all seem to be getting along. April saves the more sophisticated shoots–like the Hermes scarf shoot and the upcoming Dior & Haute Couture spreads for Eva and Marpessa. We get EVERYTHING else. So Thursday Sissilie went over to the department stores by herself (it was her first time out on location). Eva and Marpessa hit Faubourg St. Honore. Today me and Melodie were photographed in St. Germain and Montparnasse. Can you believe it…the paparazzi shot a picture of me coming out of Cafe de Flore then had the nerve to post it on Twitter with a “caught in the act” caption. They are becoming so invasive. Soon we’ll need disguises to get around town!!!

Where we were tranquil was at April’s friend, Olympia’s home. All four of us Phat girls got to go. Olympia admired our berets, but she seemed horrified when she saw the cut of the rest of our clothes. Okay, so our jeans don’t quite cover our little plastic butt cracks and Joan’s little one-shouldered top showed a bit of skin in one side….after all we live in the 21st century. This is how we dress!!


I suppose she thought we were a bad influence on her dolls…who are all much younger. However when we heard her tell April to leave us there and how she had ‘other’ clothes for us and how she’d ‘straighten us out….HORRORS!! That’s when we lined up next to the door, ready to leave!

Olympia’s having a dinner on Sunday. Don’t look for us there. We’re sending the BB dolls–in their “safe” black dresses–in our place instead.

In any case, April is getting ready for the Cannes Film Festival. Word is, “The Great Gatsby” will make quite a splash. You know what that means????!!! We’ll be going as glammed up flapper girls!!!!