Dinner Party

20130507-182207.jpgIt was divine….our first night out on the town in the city of lights. Sunday, Eva and I were the guests of honor at a posh dinner party, hosted by April’s friend, Olympia. Oh don’t you dare listen to those nasty rumors about our being stowaways in April’s coat pocket. Lies. All lies!!! We WERE most certainly invited. I spoke to Miss O herself! AND…Our transportation was arranged well in advance!

We arrived…dressed in Basic Black…as do the real Parisians for these sorts of affairs. The real upper crust of the Parisian art world were there including Joe–a local sculptor, Nina–a renowned philosopher, Bob, a former magazine publisher, and of course, O’s husband Bill, a world famous painter. (His work is all over the apartment.) Posh. Really, really posh.

O herself is also quite an artist. You should see her cookies…. Real works of art!! I must admit, me and Eva did get lost in the dessert plate. But we resisted munching on anything because we were invited to grace the party with our beauty. And that’s exactly what we did.20130507-182230.jpg

We made our grand entrance and everyone stopped what they were doing and showered us with compliments. We were the belles of the ball. However, we were modest, of course, and insisted the attention be shifted to the culinary skills of our hostess. O had simply outdone herself with delicacies that included leg of lamb with roasted potatoes, homemade bread, salad and the like.

And then came the desserts. Oh my!!! April mucked up her strawberry cheesecake (at least it tasted okay). The chocolate lamb had very curly wool (but was still good). But O’s cookies were real works of art. April brought a few home, but we told her she is not to eat them. We want them framed!!!!

Oh yes, we LOVE it here in Paris! Hmmmm…April, when’s the next party???








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  1. Only the “gratin de Paris” were invited….and surely everyone in black but white tie for gents…. O

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