Grand Premiere

20130514-001950.jpgI suppose you’re wondering what happened to us. April is a slave driver. That’s what. She works us say and night. Even holidays and Sundays. There has got to be a law against this!!! Naturally we don’t say anything because we like dressing in pretty clothes.

Admittedly, April is getting us ready for the Cannes Film Festival. The opening film, The Great Gatsby, is expected to set the tone for the red carpet fashions. April was very inspired by this and has been looking very closely at the 1972 film “Cabaret” (Money Makes the World Go Around…) for inspiration. She has not spent a cent on herself and all her time has gone into finding things for us. The dresses she has come up with are amazing.

I did not think that all of the girls would get new dresses. But it looks as though she will come up with something for all of us before the end of the festival.

Another fight did break out however. Melodie didn’t feel Ike getting undressed for her fitting. Joan offered to do the fitting for her. But when the dress was finished, Joan refused to give the dress up, thus laying claim to it. Melodie was furious. If it hadn’t taken April so much time sewing on five layers of fringe, I’m afraid Melodie would have been tempted to rip the dress right off of Joan. I cannot even repeat the name she called her….but it starts with a B.

To make matters worse, April bought some gorgeous trim at the Marche St. Pierre on Saturday. it is gorgeous with lots of white fringe that sprouts in all directions and crystals which she draped around Melodie who was happy for about 15 minutes. Then April decided it looked better on Selita. Flapper-girl5BEOTCH!!!!!!

Ok. So April promised to make her something then went out again today and came back with feathers and rhinestones. Let’s hope that dress doesn’t go to Sessilie!!!!

Anyway….apart from fighting over who gets to wear what, the dresses are fabulous and we are all very excited about finding ourselves on the red carpet in just a few days.