Yes, We Cannes!

20130517-125103.jpgI owe April a huge apology for my bad attitude the other day. April worked day and night to make sure we had the right clothes to make a grand entrance. She came through for me as promised.

Okay, Joan grabbed the blue fringe dress and Selita does look awfully good in her white fringe dress studded with crystals. Eva is stunning in her ‘nude’ lace tunic outfit with its subtle dotting of tiny pearl sequins and golden sparkles. And what can I possibly say to do justice to the beaded black slinky gown Marpessa is wearing. The black feathers with the tiny silver flecks really sets it all off.

But me…April outdid herself. I feel like Ginger Rogers. My dress is aflutter with black marabou. April felt it wouldn’t stand out in Cannes so she added rhinestones onto the bodice then lent me one of her necklaces to wear. So at the end of the day, I ended up with the best dress after all.20130517-125141.jpg

April is still in Paris working on other projects and spending time with friends. I heard the Haute Couture exhibition was quite something and me and the girls are hoping to get a dress or two out of it.

In the meantime, April packed the Louis Vuitton trunk for us and sent us on our way to Cannes. Thank goodness she packed the trench coat because it has been doing nothing but raining. Still we’re having a great time. We were booked at the Carlton, but had no problem finding our way to a wealthy Ken doll’s yacht!!! We think he’s a movie producer or something. Maybe you’d better keep this to yourself and NOT tell April…..