Back in Par-ee!


Boy did we have a great time in Cannes. After the skies dried up, there was nothing but wall to wall fashions everywhere. We also enjoyed reuniting with Tyra and a few of the other dolls who flew in from US, just for special red carpet shots.

Our flapper dresses attracted quite a bit of attention everywhere we wore them. We don’t know how many magazines we were pictured in as the paparazzi were snapping our every move. We enjoyed the attention most of the time EXCEPT…when we were tiptoeing out of parties in the wee hours of the morning slightly hungover with our hair a bit of a mess and our makeup a little smudged.

20130528-110816.jpg We got an EARFUL from April. She told us it was very bad for our image. Okay, so we learned that we must STOP dancing on tables and that we MUST leave BEFORE the party ends. But, thanks to us, many more people are following Fashion Doll Stylist and April’s picked up a few more followers on Twitter. Hey @FashDollStylist, the publicity is good, no?

We arrived back in Paris yesterday. It has been nonstop. April immediately put us back to work. We have photo shoots at Dior and Chanel. April’s making us gorgeous antique lace garments from scraps she found at the antique fair & flea markets. But, soon it will be time for her and the BB girls to pack up and return to the States. Not sure what we’ll do with ourselves.