A New Adventure

20130606-134432.jpgWe knew this day was coming. April and the BB girls left this morning. Even though we did not start out friends, we grew to love our older dolly friends. They brought a lot of class to the photo shoots. And I must admit, we did learn a lot from them.

We are only now completely understanding the terms of our agreement with April concerning the Paris apartment. There were sad faces everywhere when April began to pack away the gorgeous clothes we enjoyed so much modeling for her blog. Only three days ago I was on avenue Montaigne modeling at Dior and Valentino. I loved loved loved the little frilly black dress with all the tiny cut flowers. Eva look wonderful in her Louis Vuitton checkered dress.

Back in the apartment, Marpessa was stunning in the black chiffon gown she wore for the Basic Draping posting on FDS. But now, all of that has ended. At first we found ourselves back in our original Barbie gear. Horrors!!!! I, for one cannot believe I ever allowed Mattel to clothe me in such cheap dresses…… Yes, I know…I’m really spoiled now.20130606-134518.jpg

But really. What are we supposed to do. What kinds of parties can we hope to attend without the proper attire? Okay so I overheard April tell her friend that she hopes we remember how to drape those Hermes scarves into gowns like she did for the photo shoot.
Who does she think we are?

That prompted vigorous negotiations last night…particularly when April put that tacky little purple Barbie dress on me. So this is how we made out. April agreed to leave us with a couple of the draped scarf gowns and we got the cashmere sweaters. In exchange, April will continue to send us out on assignments here in Paris. Not bad!!!


What will I do without these gorgeous frocks??!!

But now we find ourselves alone….in Paris….to fend for ourselves in this lovely Barbie size studio. Hmmmm….. I still have the numbers of a few of those Ken dolls we met in Cannes. Maybe this isn’t such a bad deal after all.