Treasure Trove

20130607-114719.jpgYesterday was such a joyous day for all of us in the Michigan house. I can tell you, absolutely EVERYONE is happy April has returned! Last night she slowly and carefully unpacked her luggage, parading around for all of us to see, one by one, each exquisite creation she brought from Paris. Tears came to our eyes as she spread them out over the bed. They were all simply GORGEOUS!!!!! And there were so many of them.

By the time she pulled the two BB girls, who had accompanied her on this trip, out of her bag, we all broke into a round of applause. They had done such a great job in Paris. And as dolls, we know how much influence they must have had on April while she was making those clothes. Eva and Marpessa don’t wear junk, you know. Their clothes must fit perfectly and they do have input as to what works and doesn’t work on their bodies. As incredible as it sounds, they refused the Valentino frilly dress (eventually modeled by one of the Phat girls). It was simply too short, too girlie for their taste. But they did help April work out the details. Originally, it was to be strapless, but they talked her into a full bodice. I even heard the Hermes scarves worn as dresses was the idea of the BB girls! Shhh..don’t say anything to April. We want her to think it was her who came up with the idea! You know, the politics in the house and all!!


Fashions from Par-ee!!!

There are so many nice new things including jewelry and handbags, we have promised each other that we will not…I repeat…NOT fight over who gets what.

20130607-115340.jpgAnd that’s not all. April went shopping and brought back new fabrics to make us even more fabulous clothes. I especially love the diamanté tulle she bought!!! I cannot wait to see what she does with that. (Of course, we’ll have to help her with the ideas to ensure it comes out alright!)

But I do wonder about the four Phat girls she left back in Paris. (Not so sure she should have entrusted her studio to them.) They must feel terrible over all these beautiful clothes taken away…..

Naah…they’ll get over it.

As far as the rest of us are concerned… Who cares if we didn’t get the trip to Paris. We got the fruits of April’s labor! Pssstttt….. I’ve got my eye on one of those Gatsby dresses…




Fabrics and leathers from Paris for more clothes!