A Star is Born

20130611-101421.jpgHi. My name is Renee. I’m the only doll in the house with naturally raven red hair. That’s why April named me after actress Renee Russo. I’m a swimwear model (from the Barbie Basics 003 Collection). But you’ve seen me. I was on the the Easter bonnet photo shoot, again for the basic coat project and yet again, you see the back of my head in the photos featuring the Chanel bags. You know, bit parts.

When April returned from Paris with a suitcase full of doll clothes, I immediately left from atop the piano and rushed upstairs. I was thrilled but I had to admit, I saw nothing I thought I could wear. But little did I know April had a real surprise in store for me. I had been chosen as her feature model for the necktie challenge over at DollObserver.com in the “Sew Much Fun” forum.

The idea, pitched by doll collector Pabboo Redfeather, was to take two men’s neckties of different patterns and create an outfit for the doll of your choice. In Paris, April had a tough time finding ties for under $50. After scouring the city, she found a gorgeous Lanvin paisley tie in ecru with touches of claret, in a neighborhood antique fair which she purchased for 15€ (a fraction of its original price). The second tie she found at Tati. It was burgundy polyester in a paisley jacquard print sold for just 5€. (Looks gorgeous, feels like crap.)


The design process was amazing. First, she draped the red then the ecru tie around me to see how I’d look in those colors and prints. Of course, I looked fabulous. But, for a moment, I did have a sinking feeling when I saw April walk around the house checking the colors on a couple other dolls. However, Marpessa assured me that even before April left Paris, she had already decided on me.

Anyway, after taking the red tie apart, the first thing she did was to create a short, strapless dress out of the tie’s lining around which she carefully draped the tie fabric without making a single cut. I think she still had that incredible velvet draped gown by Mme. Gres she saw at the “Haute” exhibit a few weeks ago in her mind.The end result was, well, spectacular. This dress was tailor made just for me!!! I can totally see myself on the piano next Christmas in this gown…that is, unless she makes something even better!!!


When it came to the Lanvin tie… Well that was a different story. It was so lovely, April couldn’t bring herself to take it apart, much less cut into it. So she folded it in different ways then shaped it into a cocoon coat, padding and all. Okay, for those chilly nights in the living room, it’s perfect. But when I asked April why she did not Incorporate it into the dress, when I know she had purchased it for the occasion, she confided she had looked in her father’s closet only to discover he had mostly polyester ties. She felt badly about destroying an expensive silk tie just to make still another doll garment.


So after the photo shoot, April has pledged to take apart the cocoon coat, press the silk and give the tie to her father!

Who’s that lady in red, you ask?! Pictured of me in this superb tie creation was shown on Doll Observers on Sunday, tweeted out on Monday AND…..April will be featuring MOI on the next post in my glam tie gown. I’ll soon be the darling on the Internet!!!!

Now that I am rising high on the ‘diva scale,’ I am seriously planning to petition to be included on April’s next trip to Paris. Hey, Phat girls, move over. The redheaded bombshell is on her way to the City of Lights!!!!!