The Day at the Races

Here I am wearing a rosebud "Fascinator"

Here I am wearing a rosebud “Fascinator”

It was SUCH an elegant affair all of us will NEVER forget……

April sent over a contingency of dolls (including Eva and Marpessa), clothes, hats and very specific instructions as to how we were to be dressed for the high society event of the summer….the Prix de Diane Longines. She told us we were to look as though we were from French aristocracy..starting with our clothes right down to our table manners.

Remember Eva? She's so elegant in lace.

Remember Eva? She’s so elegant in lace.

There were no new clothes, just all of our favorites: a black beaded gown made from vintage lace, the other cream colored bustier and coat created from old crochet found in an antique fair. I wore the floral dress previously modeled by Sissilie in the Champs de Mars.

There was a variety of gorgeous hats. One was cut from giant petals of pearl grey chiffon, still another was made from a cluster of black velvet flowers. There were “fascinators” like the kinds worn by Kate Middleton and something as simple as a whip of cherry red tulle tied with a bright red ribbon. It was different from the hats worn for Easter.Prix-hats10 These hats were made to compliment our couture dresses. They were light, airy and totally glorious and….needless to say…the height of aristocratic elegance. For a day, we were all transformed into royalty.

April arranged for a car to pick us up early that morning to transport us to the Hippodrome of Chantilly. When we arrived, there were lots of very elegantly dressed women and men in cut away morning coats and top hats. We felt as if we had stepped onto a movie set!!!! We were set apart from the general public in the stands at the racetrack. Special passes allowed us to enter a roped off area. There were also people in old fashioned cars next to which they set up picnics…not with paper plates and plastic forks, but with silverware, china and crystal. We’d never seen anything like it!

Prix-hats8bAt the end of the day, a very lucky lady for having the chic-est hat of the day. Of course we do not understand how the judges could have possibly chosen anyone other than one of us!!!! I mean, we were the best looking babes out there!!Prix-hats3

Later, we were invited to visit the stables to see the horses over another glass of champagne…which we wholeheartedly accepted. However…….we did not…anticipate the……..ODOR!!!!! Ou la la!!!! OMG!!!!