Bathing Beauty Beyonce

Bathingsuit-spotsHi. You haven’t met me as yet. My name is Beyoncé and I was named after you know who. We both have the same color hair, the same pouty look, but my legs are longer. (Sort of like Beyoncé in the Roberto Cavalli ad. You know I was their inspiration for that poster!) In spite of my ravishing good looks, April scarcely uses me for her blog.

Okay, so she did make me a lace coat and a gorgeous marabou jacket, which I share with no one. But for the past three years, I’ve been standing atop her dresser in the same little black dress. Granted, I love this dress, but a doll has to have something new to wear from time to time. Especially since nearly all the other dollies have had massive additions to their wardrobe! Well maybe not massive, but you know what I mean.

I must say, since April returned from Paris, she’s been one busy bee. All of a sudden there has been mucho activity in the house. Many, many fittings, photo sessions. April’s finally gotten a little fire under her butt and realized that SOME of us have been completely ignored. She is FINALLY making clothes for the BB dolls instead of those others who….well…I’ll say it… they have big butts. Well, my dear, there has been such a frenzy these last few days. Lots of new creations. Lots of fittings. Lots of photo shoots. So many so that a number of the girls have literally fainted on the job! It is NOT pretty.


Dolled up for the Prix de Diane

Take the other day for example. After standing in the same pose, fully clothed and wearing a hat (made from a broach) that weighed a ton, Iman passed out. She was discovered in the window will the next morning. April had put her in the pose under the scorching sun then became distracted by other dolls in other poses. She had completely forgotten about Iman  and left her in that same pose all night long! Iman was too shy to say anything and obediently remained in place! The next day, Iman was good for nothing and could nott hold a single pose. So April worked the rest of us like slaves to the point dolls were falling down left and right. OMG!!! Last night April left five of us in a corner completely naked. She had been putting things on. Taking things off. She’s a perfectionist, I suppose. April says, “No pain, no gain.” This is tough stuff!  I had no idea models worked so hard.


Does this bra make my boobs look phat?

Now I’m not complaining because, at long last, April’s finally paying me some attention. After being sent to France for the Prix de Diane races (Business class on Dolly Jet Express), I was finally chosen for a cover shot for April’s blog yesterday. (No partying with the Phat girls for me, I had 24 hours to return back to the US.) Oh yeah, that’s me in a hot, leopard spotted bikini and tummy chain with my matching DVF dress and a giant straw hat.  The bra makes my boobs look big! Ha! We went outside on location.  Crowds formed. I heard someone say something about my looking like a long, cool drink of water. And the rest is history!