The Boys Arrive!!!


Photo shoot for Haute Couture

You cannot BELIEVE the month we just had since April left Paris!!!!! We were so foolish to think it being here on our own would mean lots of parties, bonbons and champagne!! Ha! April has kept us VERY busy. I suppose that is the result of the negotiations for the clothes we made last month.

That April is so smart. She found out about our Ken doll connection and has made use of that information. At first we were thrilled to attend the Prix de Diane. Sissilie was selected to attend this year’s International Picnic thrown by Lucky her. And she got to take LOTS of champagne with her. The rest of us went to the Parc Monceau to be photographed for summer shorts.


Barbie’s outfit inspired from menswear


Sissilie at the Doll Observers picnic

But then came more photo shoots in front of the fancy store windows. April also arranged for us to be part of the menswear shows in London, Milan AND Paris. (What a walk on the wild side of fashion, that was!!!) OK, so that REALLY was not so bad at all…..EXCEPT… we were the ones who had to convince our Ken friends to talk to their doll contacts in the fashion houses and allow us to model in what is usually reserved for Ken dolls. We could not even begin to do that before scouring the showrooms and filing our reports to April so that she could make the female versions of the menswear selections and get them to us prior to the show.

As if that weren’t enough…..we literally had only a couple hours on June 30, to be up and ready to walk the couture shows on the same day!!! It’s been three weeks of non-stop work. And they call this glamorous!!!

Shorts-print2Well anyway, April had us do one more job for her before we could take our vacation and that was to recommend a couple of male models for the house back in the US. We decided to send Richard and Lee. Both are handsome, buff and PERFECT gentlemen. Richard is not only a model but an artist as well. (You know he’s the one who did both drawings of April on this and the other blog!)

I heard that when they entered the house, some of the girls were in various states of undress. A few screamed, dropped on the floor and rolled under the bed when they saw the guys, then asked April why she hadn’t warned them in advance. All of the girls had REALLY big eyes when they walked into the room. The word on the street is that Billie bragged about how Richard gave her the shirt off his back after she pretended to be a little chilly. (I heard she wore it all night long!)  Lee made a well place compliment about Beyoncé who was just standing there in her animal print bikini. But it was Joan who was SURE, it was her that Lee was REALLY flirting with. All night long, the girls jockeyed for position on April’s desk. (April remained oblivious! She had seen it all so many times before.) There was much, much discussion, many, many, way too many fantasies surrounding those Ken dolls (the BB girls were the only ones who managed to keep their heads on their shoulders).RichardBut after a day or so, all the flirting ceased. All the backbiting stopped and things went back to normal. We neglected to let our friends back there in Michigan know that the Kens who were sent to live with them are……well….amongst our most dearest gay friends. Oh well….one can never have too many friends and it will be good for the Barbies to get a Ken doll’s perspective on how they look from time to time.Lee

April is smug in the knowledge that, with this configuration, there is no danger of any baby Barbies arriving down the road!!!!