Back from Vacation

Shirt-graphic-duetAfter a very busy month of June AND the arrival of the Kens dolls, April gave us some time off. On the other hand, she worked the Kens right out of the box. Boy, were they surprised! This was no easy gig! She named Richard (the blond) Creative Director of her Ken collection within a day of his arrival.

At first we were NOT understanding just how HE got such a high position so fast….. Was this sexism? Mais non!! After a few days on the job, we were dodging April, all hoping she wouldn’t single any of us girls out to do the same job for her women’s garments. Richard has to research all the internet fashion sites and let April know which clothes he would actually wear! And when he’s finished with that, he serves as a fit model and then poses for the final shoots. Frankly, we are all happy for that. Thanks to the Kens, the rest of us got a badly needed vacation.Jacket-2-close-up

Back on the ranch, April worked outside her comfort zone. Whereas she was knocking out clothes for us and posting within her window of 2-3 days, the menswear took her lots more time,,up to as much as 5 day intervals. Some of us watched while she cut collar after collar, trying to find a technique that actually yields something believable. And you don’t know the half of it!!!


Richard, menswear Creative Director & Model

For the first sports jacket, she cut the sleeves too short. She couldn’t find buttons tiny enough and tried to make some. Each and every one of them broke while she was trying to sew them on. For the second jacket, the sleeves were perfect but she didn’t have her photo near by and didn’t cut the collar deep enough in the front. She try to steam press the corrected one in place. But…one thing we’ve learned……April NEVER gives up. And neither do we.


Zac, the new model. Yum-mee!!!!

While the girls back in Paris had a good laugh recommending gay Ken dolls to be sent to live with us, we have had the last laugh. Those Kens are adorable and we got them to give us the names and whereabouts of a few straight Kens hanging around a nearby store. So when we heard April was looking for a brunette male doll, we made sure she was pointed in the right direction.

Introducing Zac, the newest male model on the block…… He’s straight. And he’s OURS!!!!!

Though I see Joan over there holding his hand already!!!  Hey, that’s not fair! BE-OCHE, get away from him already!!!!