The New Boy on the Block….



Hi. I’m Zac. I think the girls mentioned me in the last post. I must have the world’s best job. I started out as a member of a family of boy toys for Barbie and now, I’m a model for April. And, I get to live in a house filled with hot Barbie chicks! And most of them are hot for me. Well, at least a few of them are.

Ok, I’m not much of a clothes horse like my friends Richard and Lee. They are so totally into fashion. Though I must admit, Richard works hard and does a great job of reporting on trends. Me, I was quite content with my T-shirt and shorts and just chillin’ out. April makes some really cool Ken clothes and I must admit, this whole experience has completely turned me around. But as the girls said, April really knows how to work a doll to death. I’m surprised we still look as good as we do, with these heavy workloads.  I suppose that’s the price of living in the April manor.


Ou la la…very Jolie

My whole journey has been quite interesting. I was hanging around this store called “Target” with literally, just the clothes on my back and a ten-dollar price tag on my head waiting for someone to pick me up. A bunch of us were sent there a few weeks ago. I heard that Ken dolls usually  end up serving as minor accessories in kids’ Barbie kingdoms. We’re Barbie’s eye candy. No better or worse than the plastic handbag she carries on her other arm! Dressed in tacky, six-dollar polyester suits held together with Velcro down the back, we stand next to Barb at weddings, prom dates and the like. For the average Ken, this is about as much as they can expect in life. But for me, that is B-O-R-I-N-G! I figured there’s got to be something better out there. You know something…I know lots of others who feel the same. It’s just that I got lucky.

Anyway, a couple friends of mine told me about this person called “April” who goes to Target from time to time, looking for models. They work for her and had nothing but good things to say about the experience. Moreover, they told me exactly where to stand to get her attention and what to do. You know, a wink and a smile goes a long way!


Selita, my sweet Lolita

When I first entered the house, I was totally blown away. OMG, G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Barbie babes everywhere! The BB girls (Barbie Basics) are a little too uptight and hoity-toity for my taste (though that Beyoncé doll in her leopard bikini is one hot babe who sizzles), but the SIS babes–especially the Baby Phat girls–are, as spirited as they are beautiful. I promised April I would behave myself. But this might prove to be a little difficult. (Hey, I can, at least, be discreet.)

The house has many rooms and well……being a perfect gentleman who never kisses and tells….. all I’m gonna say is….What a wild and crazy bunch when the lights go out (LOL). For an upcoming photo shoot and blog posting, April has dressed a few of them in very sexy corsets. Woo Hoo!!! Life with lingerie models…. For a Ken doll, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Hmmmmm….I hear April’s got an apartment in Paris with more Phat girls on the loose. Wonder how I get over there!!!???!!!


A taste of Brandy….