Trip to New York!

New-York-Washington-PkHi there. While everyone in the house was going back and forth over the behavior of CERTAIN male and female dolls in the house, I put myself in prime position to get the trip to New York City with April! Talk about luck!

April studied fashion and lived there awhile back before moving to Paris. She knew the city quite well and, fortunately for me, was more interested in exploring Manhattan for its stores. Okay, okay, so we did a little “other”l stuff: walked by the Statue of Liberty, walked around West Village and had a hotdog in Central Park and Junior Cheesecake downstairs at Grand Central Station. And we did spend an entire afternoon at the world Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), But I will say that from Day 1, April was on a fashion mission and smart enough to take me to Macy’s where I made an immediate beeline for the counter selling Coach handbags.


MY Coach bag!!!!

I know April had been eyeing that new Coach Barbie who just arrived. But I convinced her that the last thing we needed was another doll to feed. On the other hand, I WAS able to coax her into buying just the handbag. (Lucky me!) It’s a gorgeous tangerine colored leather bag with a raspberry colored tassel scaled down just for my size!!! Between you and me, this is MY bag and I am NOT sharing it with the those other wenches when I get back to the house!!!! Ha! How lucky am I……I got both the trip AND the new bag!!!!

Anyway, afterwards, we headed for the fabric district and found our way to Mood Fabrics—the store featured on Project Runway. The customers looked like fashion design majors and Project Runway wannabees. But OMG, I’ve never seen so much fabric and trims in my life. I had to leave a trail of beads just so April could find her way back to me. HOWEVER…..those fabrics!!! OMG!!!! Another fodder for fab clothes for life!!! We made three trips to this store as well as two others. We both had blisters on our feet when it was all over!


Lost in the forest of fabrics!!!


Fabric shopping with my Mood Rewards card!!!

We also made a trip to FAO Schwarz to check out fashion dolls. While I did like seeing members of the Tonner family as well as my fellow Barbie sisters, the Silkstone family… general I found the store to be hmmmmmm……underwhelming!!! I’d heard so much about this “store for the rich.” In reality, it was just another sort of…Toys “R Us but with more stuff.

Then we went window shopping up Fifth Avenue (Saks, Bergdorf’s, Tiffany’s), and then over to Madison Avenue….a definite thumbs up!!!!

This trip went way too fast! Now that we’re back at the house…..I haven’t let that Coach bag out of my clutches!!!!!

Ouuu, my aching feet!!!

Ouuu, my aching feet!!!