Here comes the bride…maybe



We’ve never met. My name is Roshumba. I was named after one of the African runway girls who used to walk for Yves Saint Laurent. You haven’t see or heard of me till this point because, normally, I reside in the dining room, on the buffet cabinet, next to wedding pictures.

I’m all dressed in a gorgeous white dress with matching stole and pearl jewelry including a small tiara. I have absolutely no right to complain BUT…..April sometimes finds a really nice outfit of us and then becomes so content with the way we look….that she forgets we might just want a change of clothing from time to time. I’m not complaining or anything, but this is a serious issue in the house. It’s not really fair ’cause I know there are girls upstairs who are already on their fourth or fifth outfit. I hear there’s even designer handbags being passed around. I know April loves me but, really now. When will I get a new dress!!!!!

OK, so there have been LOTS going on upstairs in her atelier. But since I’ve been downstairs practically since the day I arrived, two years ago, I was not even aware the dolls had their own blog! Not to mention that there were GUYS in the house now. OMG!



I didn’t know this until, for whatever reason, April sent for me for a quick photo shoot. She wanted me to model some fabric she bought in New York. In the meantime, I discovered this VERY handsome Ken doll dressed in a navy sweater and blue silk trousers. What a hunk!!!! Why he’s built like a stack of Hershey’s chocolate bars! DE-LI-CIOUS!!!!! And, he has the most infectious smile.

Needless to say, he couldn’t take his eyes off of me since I arrived. (I’ve been eyeing him out of the corner of my eye.) He just stands there, gazing at me. Sometimes we engage in a little conversation. But then the shoot was over and April was going to send me back to my post downstairs. I manage to find a few excuses for her to leave me be, at least for the moment.  Hopefully Lee (that’s his name) can get transferred downstairs eventually. Who knows.

Well, my dears…I’m already in my gown. (I can hold off getting new clothes for the moment.) I’ve got the bridesmaids already in place! Lee is dressed for the part. WHO KNOWS!!! I could totally do this!


Already dressed for the part!