Princess Olympia


Princess Olympia

Carla here. Well………………….the newest member of our “family” arrived yesterday. Her name is Olympia. It’s not the name of a supermodel. April felt she was much too sophisticated, much too demure….more importantly, the way she came dressed reminded her of a friend back in Paris. Before I tell you how she was dressed, let me tell you this:

The princess did not travel the way the rest of us travel. No cellophane packaging, no plastic stems stapled into her head to keep some little grimy person from stealing her out of the box. She had a ribbon around her waist, covered elastic ties to hold her arms and legs in place and plastic discs around her needs to relieve the stress from traveling all the way from Angelic Dreamz shop in New York. She was not like the rest of us  hanging out at Target waiting for April to drop by. No, no, no!!! April went looking for her.

You see, Olympia is an Integrity Toy Doll of “Fashion Royalty Monogram” lineage. She’s taller than the rest of us, measuring all of 12″ and has very long legs. Her eyebrows are perfectly plucked. She has a tiny mole on one of her cheekbones. Not a hair is out of placed. She’s aristocratic. She’s immaculate!

This is me, Carla in a black velvet rose hat.

This is me, Carla in a black velvet rose hat.

Olympia arrived in a glossy cherry red/deep pink box emblazoned with an FR monogram. You’d think April was in church the way she slowly, carefully (and respectably) removed the wrappings. We knew April planned to integrate the dolls so it will be less Barbie-centric, but we honestly had no idea what to expect. And so when the hour arrived and the box was opened, all of our jaws dropped! She looked so different from the rest of us. Her face is longer, as are her legs. Her fingers are curled into poses we can only dream of. She’s articulated in a few places the rest of us aren’t.

Moreover, her dress, cut from a sheer silk print over a solid, was completely and perfectly lined. That too, had nothing to do with the type of clothing we came in. No Velcro, no snaps….can you believe her dress closes with a miniscule zipper. It had the tiniest buttons and belts any of us had ever seen. This is a dress from another planet!!!

And the shoes… plastic molds for her. they had vinyl uppers. She doesn’t fit into our shoes. Her toes are slightly spread and each toenail is painted. April peeked under her skirt only to find petticoat under that magnificent dress. Okay, so we get it. She’s royalty. They dress differently.

April was worried as to how Olympia would be received by all the rest of us. And to be honest, we were rolling our eyes when we heard someone new was coming on board. In human households the newest arrival is a baby and everyone usually worries about a new mouth to feed. Here, the newest arrival is always a doll and the rest of us worry about having fewer clothes to wear. I suppose it’s all relative. Since Princess O is built very differently from the rest of us, she’ll need her own set of slopers and patterns. I supposed she’ll need “real couture” like Tyra. Hmmmm…wonder how that’s going to work out. (Tyra doesn’t get many new clothes, you know!!)


That’s me in Versace & Zak on my arm.

April asked me to stay with Olympia and guide her through the house last night. (After all, I am the closest thing to Royalty in the Barbie world.) I showed her how to pose and was quite thrilled when she complimented me on the little black dress and the Versace jacket I was wearing. Actually she was impressed over the number of clothes we have here and how stylish they all are.  In fact, she confided how, she’d like to shed the hoity-toity look from time to time and let her hair down! She was gracious not to say anything about the Velcro closures or the fact that most things aren’t lined. Now that’s class!

Well…. So far, so good. I’ve got to introduce O to the rest of the BB Barbies. I’m sure this will be the beginning of a very long friendship!

Pssssssttttttt………. The BB girls are still wishing April keeps her promise, returns to Angelic Dreamz and brings a “mature” guy doll to the house. Now that would be something we could all get our clutches on!!!