The “Other” New Arrival

Sweater-collarWell, after having been renamed THREE times, I’m happy to introduce myself as, Jennifer. I arrived at the house on the heels of the Royalty doll. I can tell you, I had ANYTHING BUT a regal welcome!

April needed a young, fair skinned doll to compliment the Phat Girls, for reasons of diversity. You know there has been lots of complaints about the scant numbers of catwalk models of color present during New York’s Fashion Week. In April’s house, it is the opposite. The fair complexion girls number a scant 10%, prompting April to seek out new talent. For the high fashion gals, this is pretty easy as there are LOTS of choices out there. But for urbanwear or junior market fashion, well….April told me the “pickin’s are scarce.” Even though I’m part of the Barbie Fashionista family, most of us are made for kiddies which does NOT suit April’s tastes. She says we’re cutsy-poopsy but not fashion. Still, she needed someone different, so she returned to the store.

I didn’t know April was even in the market for one of us. At first she picked up a colleague of mine with strawberry blond hair. But when she saw the hot pink locks at the front of her head, she put her down and walked away. Then, she returned to take another look. I smiled extra wide. She first noticed my hair, but mumbled something about my head being slightly big in comparison to the S.I.S. dolls. I convinced her we could put my hair around my face to make it appear smaller. She mumbled something about not being entirely happy; she hated my smile; was horrified by my clothes… but that I’d make do…..

The is me BEFORE my makeover.

This is me BEFORE my makeover.

When I got to the house, the other dolls didn’t even look up. They were still enthralled by Princess Olympia. Yes, I’m one of those dolls whose head was bolted to the cardboard box with a plastic tie. After liberating me, my clothes were immediately stripped away and a pair of jeans and a vest were flung my way. I was shocked by this, at first, but did note how WELL dressed everyone else in the room seem to be. And…the clothes she gave me were a LOT better than those I arrived in. Suddenly, April picked me up, walked over to an older Barbie to see how her head might look on my body. HORRORS!!! What had I gotten myself into. The other dolls burst out laughing, but I started crying. “Take me back to the store. I want to go back to the store now!”

As April put me down, another doll whispered, “she would NEVER decapitate a doll! She didn’t bring you into the house to mutilate you.” With that, I was placed next to a very pretty Phat girl named, Kimora. I don’t know how she really felt about me, but at least she kept me company those first couple of nights in the house. She also confided that if I wanted to score points with April, I should stop showing teeth! So I closed my mouth. Still, April did not put me to work.

Finally….After watching two days of photo shoots, I tried on a number of outfits (including one of the Ken doll sweaters) before the decision was made to photograph me in a couple of leather jackets and a turtleneck sweater. I forgot to tell you…I have fully articulated joints….to the point where my legs are double jointed. While this is a good thing for posing, it can be a bit awkward when actually posing for a photo shoot. First, April had a hard time getting me into the simplest of jackets. I couldn’t seem to get my hands through the sleeves! Then when the shoot began, my knees buckled and I fell on my face. (I was poised to sit. Who knew I’d be ask to stand!) April removed me from the cover shot. Downer!!!!


Look at me now! I look like a supermodel!!!!

One of the star models took notice and began to coach me on the side. How nice of her. April also took notice. Later that night, she sat me on her night stand, gave me some pointers and encouragement. She showed me the pictures of the shoot. Not bad!!!  She told me I might even go to Paris next month! Moreover, I learned I was named after actress, Jennifer Garner! Wow!

I really feel like I fit in now….even if I’m not Fashion Royalty! What a house! What a family! What cool clothes! What a fabulous new career as a fashion model!!!