Fashion Week


That’s me, China, posing for the photographers!!!

 OMG! This is my first time doing fashion week and I am exhausted. I never knew there was so much work to this job.


Here’s me again and the photo that made the rounds of the internet! I’m a star!!!

We started out in New York where there were 300 catwalks planned. April had to sift through to figure out which ones we would participate in. But first there were the “go-sees” (casting calls) where we had to present our portfolios, walk in front of a small jury then leave back headshots. April, who had been a model in her younger years, trained us well. She taught us how to walk. (You put one foot in front of the other like you’re walking on a straight line.)

All the girls had the opportunity to try out, including Kathy the fit model, Jennifer the newest Barbie, even the older dolls: Sheryl and Linda (who by the way, were sensational in their Betsy Johnson dresses).


Sheryl and Linda are having SO MUCH FUN in Betsey Johnson!!


Joan and friends look so hot in those photo dresses.

Of course,  for each show, only those who corresponded to the designers’ specific looks were chosen. We have to return back for fittings, show up super early for hair, makeup and rehearsals.


That’s the new doll, Jennifer. Wow! Can’t believe the transformation! She looks great!


Kimora looks great in EVERYTHING (but especially this Oscar de la Renta inspired gown)!!!

But once the show begins, OMG, how exciting! Backstage is hectic. We each have dressers assigned to us. These are people who literally yank off our clothes and put on new garments. It all has to be done in such a short period of time so we can get back out on the runway. Then all eyes are on me as I step out onto that runway and I can hear the cameras click, click, click. The next thing I know, picture of me wearing the latest fashions are all over the internet. Is that not cool or what!!! Between NY and London, it’s been back to back madness for two weeks!  I don’t think I’ve ever worn so many clothes in a day!

We’re in Milan now, which is a little less hectic. April isn’t as enthusiastic about this season’s fashions there. But she told us to rest up…..Paris (the next and last fashion week on our schedule) promises to be a monster. She told us that as a reporter, she once had to cover as many as 10 shows a day in a week spread over 10 days! She told us by the end of the season, everything becomes a blur. But I’ll tell you…it’s a lot of work, but we enjoying every minute of it!!! It’s like…..well…..Christmas in September!!!!!


LOL….that’s Karen. I’m not sure she should be tagging that sign!!!!!