Mysterious Newcomers


The picture of Kelly that April left back:

While April and her team are away in Paris, there’s been some new developments here in the house.

We knew April was expecting the arrival of “Kelly,” cousin to Olympia and another member of the Fashion Royalty family. April had planned to carry Kelly (named after her raven hair and gorgeous Irish looks) with her to Paris. Sadly for her, the doll didn’t get here in time and missed the plane. But April did think to show some of us a picture of her and told us to be on the look out.

The poor dear got the houses mixed up and went across the street upon her arrival. In her defense, she was still in her box and could not see. Thank goodness the neighbor brought Kelly to her new home. We’ve been talking to her through the box to reassure her that at some point April will return and liberate her. (Our fingers are just too tiny to do this for her. Lord knows, we’ve tried.)

But last week….surprise. Another package was placed on the bed beside Kelly. We haven’t a clue as to who’s inside. We’ve called out to see who’s there. She says her given name is Jordan Bionica, she’s Indian and she’s also Royalty. She has no idea where she is or why except that her former owner stripped her of everything except her dignity and told her he had found a new home for her. Now she’s in total darkness. “What did I do wrong?Was i not beautiful enough? I thought he loved me.” Feeling rejected and totally humiliated, she cried all throughout her journey to the house.

OMG….that means Jordan travelled totally naked? We heard her say that even her underwear was taken from her. And then she was photographed and put up for auction. Sold to the highest bidder (which, thank goodness, was April.) Horrors! She is totally depressed and has no desire to come out of her box.

We tried to convince her not to be embarrassed. There must be a reason as to why she’s here with us. AND…we told her there are lots and lots of clothes here, even lingerie. She’ll have a new career as a model for the other blog! We’re sure she’s in a better place and we told her so. However, she doesn’t want anyone to see her in her current state.

So we are using our blog today to get a message to April about this mysterious doll. We’re sure she will be formally welcomed when April gets back. We’re just not sure what to do in the meantime.

It is most interesting, nonetheless. Even Kelly–encased in her own box–has joined us in trying to get Jordan’s spirits up. During the night we hear these two dolls whispering back and forth, while the rest of us stand around and just listen…….


From her description, this is who we think is the mysterious doll in the box that just arrived!


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