Letter to the Dolls of the House

My dearest dollies,
I did receive the message you left for me on your blog. Thank you ever so much for welcoming the newest dolls into the house. As you know, I had expected the arrival of Kelly and was disappointed when she did not arrive prior to my departure.

That Kelly ended up across the street was no accident. No one was there to answer the door so the postman took her to a neighbor so that she would not end up in the hands of a bad person. There have been robberies of postal vehicles and I was most concerned. Fortunately this was not the case.

Kelly has been in her box for about 12 years. There are collectors who buy dolls for investment and feel the dolls’ value is linked to her remaining prisoner of their packaging. As you all know I enjoy dolls for the pleasure of spoiling them with fancy clothes and accessories. So I will liberate Kelly upon my return.

With regards to the second package, effectively this is another new doll. She appeared unexpectedly and I knew I had to have her. I saw a picture of her (in different makeup) almost a year ago on Pinterest. I wondered who she was and where I could find her. Only recently was I able to identify her. Suddenly she appeared on an auction site, within reach.

It is true that on these auction sites, many dolls suffer the ultimate humiliation. There are stripped, photographed with their private parts exposed. Some are even decapitated, their heads and bodies sold separately!!! Poor dears.

The dolls think they are welcomed into loving homes, but some have, in fact, fallen into the hands of Doll Traders who see them simply as merchandise to be disassembled and sold off as parts.

There were 12 prior bids on Jordan. It was clear there were others who also wanted her. But I wanted her more and as such, had to be very clever in my bidding. I beat out the highest bidder by a mere $1, spending a little more than I originally planned. This, my dear dollies, is why I couldn’t warn you of her arrival. It all happened so fast.

Jordan is a very special doll. She is my Christmas present from my father. I will make her a beautiful dress for the holidays. I have already selected the fabric here in Paris. I am currently working a pair of slippers. Princess Olympia is helping me. When I get back, I will take her out of the box in private, dress her, fix up her hair & makeup. Then I will re-wrap her so that she can emerge gloriously from under the tree on Christmas Day to be placed on the piano.

So, tell Kelly I look forward to seeing her and keep reassuring Jordan that she has a special place in the house. Sing to her. Tell her jokes. Let her know she’s wanted and already loved, sight unseen.

Yours truly,

P.S. I don’t know where you guys found that picture of Jordan, but it is spot on!!!