Royal Invasion


At the request of the doll, we’ve blurred her nude parts.

Well…..just as we were able to calm down Jordan and make her feel at home…..another Royal appeared on our doorstep!

Like Jordan, who had preceded her, this doll arrived totally naked, covered in bubble wrap and stuffed into an envelope. How undignified! It made us think back to the regal arrival of Princess Olympia and how we were all in awe. Maybe even a tad bit jealous! This latest arrival was certainly in contrast to the first.

Now we realize the unique dangers these Royal dolls face. Some are rare and pricey centerpieces of doll conventions who later find themselves put on the block and sold to help finance the cost of their owner’s trip. Many are used for financial gain. They are stripped and sometimes decapitated then sold off in parts. A head here, a body there, an extra set of hands, a dress, a pair of shoes. Even the empty packing box apparently has a value. The owners get more money that way.

And then there are those who, like humans, grow old and are traded for newer models. Their beauty is no longer appreciated. Some amateurs attempt to change their appearance of their dolls by painting on new makeup. Horrors!! When the result is less than successful, it is the poor doll who suffers. She is dejected. Sold off.

This was the case of the newest doll to arrive. Her given name is Adele, but April changed it to Gail, after a very pretty, fair skinned black model of the 1980’s, named Gail O’Neal. April saw Gail about 3 weeks ago and was struck by how much softer, sweeter and prettier she looked than the other “Adele” dolls who can be quite tough.

But as luck would have it, at that time, April was still awaiting Kelly’s arrival and was too nervous to take in another doll right away. No one bid on the doll, and so with great disappointment, Gail disappeared. But she knew someone somewhere had been eyeing her and, through the doll chat line she had vaguely heard of this person April–who prefers older Royalty dolls. So Gail convinced her owner to let her have one more chance at finding a new home.

April never stopped searching for Gail and was delighted when she reappeared. Earlier, she noticed the same seller had put the head of another doll up for auction. So afraid the same fate awaited Gail, April immediately made arrangements to take her in.

So like us Barbies, April’s name is out there and the Royalty dolls (especially those who’ve been defrocked) are making a beeline for the house!!! Oh my, will it ever end???!!!

And so, every night there are whispers amongst the three packages on the bed–while the rest of us Barbies listen in….