Having the time of our lives


Lots of gifts for the girls in the house!

We are sooooo happy with the dolls April chose to come over to join us in Paris this time. I mean, well, nothing was wrong with Eva and Marpessa…but we found them to be a little too serious, a tad bit uptight. However, Carla, Adrianna and even dear Olympia are a whole different kettle of fish!!!

Even though they are slightly older than us Phat girls, they know how to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. April has been working us, but we do get sufficient down time and together we hit the streets shopping, hanging in cafes, seeing the sights and checking out the doll clubs. Woo Hoo!!!!

And then there’s Richard, our accomplice. He is soooo cool!!! He pretends to be a boyfriend coming out of nowhere whenever some loser Ken doll, dressed in a cheap polyester suit spewing weak pick-up lines, tries to impress us. We are the perfect team! We will be sad to see those dolls leave us in three short weeks.

On the other hand, we are very conscious of the unfolding drama on the other side of the ocean. So, to show our solidarity, we went shopping for gifts to send abroad to the new dolls who arrived without so much as a shirt on their backs.

April will fix them up in the clothing department. But they will need something to cover their feet. We’ve pooled our centimes together to buy them shoes. For Christmas, we want them to smell pretty, so we hit the perfume counters! But don’t tell anybody, we want it to be a surprise!!!


We all chipped in to get these shoes for Jordan!


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