The French Connection

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Aria. Je suis la nouvelle poupée chez April.
Désolée. My engleesh no good. Attends. Je chercherai ma copine, Sissilie qui va m’aider.
Hi everybody, Sissilie here. I’m not sure how good my French is but here goes. A new girl just joined us here in Paris. April found her in misery at the doll museum gift shop. She saw her a couple months weeks ago and was attracted to her face lift fresh face and her unruly thick mane of hay hair.

Mais qu’est-ce que tu racontes, toi?

Don’t worry, Aria, I got this. So anyway, April returned to the store 2 weeks later to find Aria there with her mangy many (curious) friends. They were all Barbies and Kens from another planet era. Unsure of who this creatures dollies were, April checked the tattoos on their necks. Very drawn to Aria, she brought her home.

Aria will be part of our team here in Paris. She asked if she’d every be taken to America, but April told her she had enough models already in the US. Aria has no idea how many of us there really are!

Is there anything else you want to say, Aria?

Mais oui! Yes. Zee girls here are so preetie. Tres class! Zee clothes sont belle! Beautiful. Sissilie tell me she teach me to be good modèle. Very happy to be here with new amies!

Au revoir. Bye bye. À bientôt!!!!




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  1. May your new model enjoy her new life with you! Look forward to seeing any restyling she undergoes.

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