Last Night in Paris (for awhile)


Princess Olympia


I enjoyed all of the exhibitions April took us to. Modeling for the Alaia expo was a dream come true. The Frimousses des Createurs at the Petit Palais was so much fun. But nothing compared to the Cartier exhibition held across the street. I was blinded by all of the diamonds on display! It also a good opportunity to get to know the Barbies a little bit better. They are such a professional bunch. Me, I’m not sure I’ll ever be such a great model. Compared to the other dolls, I find I look a bit stiff in photos. But April is happy with me and I suppose that’s what counts.Hoods2

The Phat girls did better at negotiating this time. For the most part, they got to keep most of the clothes created on them during our visit. Of course, the orange leather coat wasn’t left back, but in its place, April made a really cool tweed hoodie just for Selita. And she added a velvet hood to the velvet flocked leather jacket and left that back as well.



Congratulations to Arianna. She won third prize in the October challenge at She wore a mocha felt dress draped with a few real leaves, underneath an tangerine leather jacket and Hermes handbag. The photo was stunning and so was she. We still have our eye on her because April designed a stunning gold dress and photographed her at the Opera which was entered into the November contest. She is such a gorgeous doll. She reminds me of my Fashion Royalty cousins.

And so, we are back at the house in the US, preparing for Christmas. This is so exciting. April really spruces up the house. Can you believe…we have our own Christmas tree in the room. The dolls in the other rooms also have their own trees as well. And OMG you should see the girls all dressed up with their fur coats!

Well, here’s the latest news from the house…..Jordan is doing well. April dressed her in a gorgeous silver lace gown which immediately lifted her spirits. She’s standing tall and proud next to Nichelle. My cousin, Gail (who also arrive bare-butt) changed her clothes THREE TIMES before she found something she was happy with. Picky picky!! Later she apologized to April for seeming ungrateful. Kelly’s name was changed to Muriel. April said she looks even better in person than she did in her photos. She took one look at the her and renamed her Muriel because she looks like a young Muriel Hemmingway. My goodness, she is gorgeous. Her sister, Christie (named after Christie Brinkley) who is also here, is breathless. But she’s very fragile. My cousin, Veronique is here as well. I love her pixie haircut! She’s wearing the dress I modeled for the Alaia exhibit and she looks great in it. Me, I’m so thrilled to have family in the house with me. We almost didn’t get Veronique here. We begged and pleaded with April to bring her in. It was Veronique’s second time on eBay and I, personally, was afraid she’d be decapitated and sold off in pieces. Fortunately, April listened, but warned us she would be the last doll brought into the house….at least for awhile…..