Meet the Royals


Princess Jordan

At the encouragement of Princess Olympia, the rest of us Fashion Royalty girls would like to introduce ourselves. You already know me, indirectly. My name is Jordan. The girls call me Princess Jordan, but honestly, I don’t feel so royal. I wish they would simply call me Jordan. And yes, I had a traumatic arrival to the house. My former owner made such a fuss over me for four years, I never thought he’d ever kick me to the curb. It was really hard. Stripped of all my clothes, then photographed nude and auctioned off….. Moreover, when I arrived, April was in Paris and there I lay, all alone, feeling humiliated, rejected within the darkness of the box. Jordan-3

But April finally returned, and when she saw me, her eyes lit up and she held me close to her and gave me quite a hug! Then immediately she put me in this amazing silver lace dress and a pair of shoes purchased in Paris! The other girls swooned over me and that made me feel really good. April then gave me a new hairstyle and informed me that I am one her Christmas gifts from her father this year. She will put me back in the box on Christmas Eve then open it up the next morning. No, it won’t be a surprise for April. It will be more of a surprise for her father to see his gifts to her. April says the most important thing on Christmas morning is that she feels good when she sees me. I feel so empowered! Moreover, I love the way I look in pictures. April says I definitely have a long career ahead modeling for her blog!Jordan-2


Princess Rihanna

Hi. My name is Princess Rihanna but you can call me Ri-Ri. In the doll circles, I’m known as Adele Makeda, however April first changed it to Gail. Then after a week with me, she changed it again to Rihanna because she says I look very much like the rock star and I am somewhat of a diva. Yeah, I’m guilty of trying on a bunch of clothes when April unwrapped me. But I couldn’t help it. You should see April’s closet For her dolls. Between the furs, designer bags, dresses, gowns, leathers, coats and everything else, OMG, a doll could literally lose her mind! I totally OD’d on clothes. Where were my manners? Well, my cousin Olympia, told me I was coming across as a spoiled brat and it’s true that April saved me from being sold off in parts. So I apologized and promised to be more gracious. Anyway, I also had a previous owner who loved me and played with me every day. She even gave me a new makeup job. Then one day, it was over. Attracted to newer dolls with articulated joints, she found me, well…too limited. I guess you could say, I couldn’t bend with the times.

So, like Jordan, I was stripped and put up for auction. I know, it’s a helluva way to end a relationship. But it is what it is. Sh*t happens, you know. The first time on Ebay, I noticed someone was watching me. But, at the end of the day, there were no bids and I thought, here we go again. Rejected due to my age! My owner was also disappointed and had considered selling me off in pieces. (I think they get more money like that.) I begged and pleaded with her to give me one last chance. Who knows. Maybe that person who was watching me would come forth and take me in. Sure enough, April found her way to me and made arrangements for me to join the house. What a surprise, I had no idea there would be such a large family of dolls. Oh my, it’s practically a whole city there! And yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see other Royal friends and family there! Pssssst. I’m also April’s Christmas present from her father. I think he’s also giving her a dress form that corresponds to our measurements!!! But you didn’t hear that from me.


Princess Muriel

Me too, I had a name change too! I’m a member of the Veronique Perrin family. You first knew me as Kelly, the doll who missed out on the trip to Paris. But when April returned and released me from the box (in which I was put on a pedestal and confined for the last 13 years), she said I looked more like Muriel Hemmingway. She always has such a big smile when she looks at me. My former owner really loved me. I think that’s why I arrived so late. My owner needed money and I was one of the few things of value. I should also point out that he did not strip me. He loved me enough not to want to send me away, especially naked and humiliated. Way beyond the promised ship date, with tears in his eyes, he kissed me and sent me on the way. It was difficult. I cried. I will always love him.

April has been wonderful. For the moment, I am still in my original outfit. I asked April if I’ll get new clothes and she promised that I will. I’ve seen the photos she’s taken of me. I am quite satisfied. She says I look voluptuous! I look forward to modeling for April’s blog. In the meantime, I’ve met so many wonderful Barbies.


Princess Christie

I’m Muriel’s sister. My name is Christie (named after 70’s supermodel Christie Brinkley). My former owner also loved me and took excellent care of me. But as in the case of Rihanna and Muriel, I’ve been around for quite awhile and my owner was ready for a change. He promised to find a good home for me. And that’s how I ended up in April’s home. I was immediately dressed in a gorgeous pale gray, embroidered dress with a sweep of silver sparkled tulle. What a coincidence because in my last “life” I was known as Veronique Silver Society, and wore an embroidered grey silk sheath dress. April keeps telling her friends how breathlessly beautiful I look. I miss my former owner, but I just know I’ll be most happy here. There are many, many new friends to be made and lots of new clothes and adventures to explore! Well, I’m already the featured model on the piano!!!


Princess Veronique

Hi I’m the last to arrive at the house. My name is Veronique (named after Veronica Hamel, 70’s top model and actress). In my prior life, I was known as the “Sheer Goddess.” In contrast to the other girls, I had a mutual parting of the ways with my former owner. After seven years with him, I wanted to see new places, do new things. So he gave me my walking papers and let me go. It cost me all of my belongings, but what the heck, there’s a whole world of clothes out there! Though April was attracted to me because of my pixie haircut (yeah, I know that was you, April, watching me!), she really had not intended to bring a sixth new doll into the house. However, my relatives begged and pleaded with her. It’s true. The owners can at least recuperate what they spent on us if they sell us and our effects off in pieces. It’s horrible, but thanks to April, I didn’t end up being part of a Frankendoll. April immediately dressed me up in my cousin’s dress–an Azzedine Alaia dress made famous by Grace Jones. Wow! Then she put me in this really cool faux monkey fur jacket that mimics the spikes of my haircut. How cool is that! I could even get a trip to Paris! Yeah, it is way cool being here. I just wish the Barbies would stop calling us “Princess!”


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  1. You have an awesome FR collection 🙂 I love how you told about the auctions, most of us got these dolls in this way, basically because people are crazy and sell them NRFB at insane prices. I own Natalia from the same series of Jordan (Future. Perfect Collection). The old molds are beautiful, I have She Means Business Veronique and Pearlecence Veronique. I subscribed the Wu Club membership for the 2014, I can’t wait of having the two club dolls!

    • Thank you. I’m new to FR dolls. Personally, I prefer the older dolls to the newer ones because they are softer, prettier. Whereas some of the newer ones look much older, and, sorry, a little bitchy. I make my own doll clothes so I don’t need for them to come dressed. Still, each doll has her own personality & story. Those FR dolls you have are quite lovely. Tell me more about this Wu Club.

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