A Wonderful Holiday, Fur-real!!!!

Thanks-FR-formWell…..April really outdid herself this year. She gave us all something made of (faux) fur. Coats, jackets, shrugs, hats, bags, collars, trim for our boots….everyone got something really special. The girls in the Caribbean room received feather boas. The Royals who arrived naked, got shoes, lingerie as well as a new dress. We were all so ecstatic with our gifts we didn’t even notice our grand omission…none of the S.I.S or BB Barbies thought to get a gift for April.Thanks-fur Thanks-fur2

Before April returned back to the house, the Royals communicated with Olympia who was then in Paris. She told them of her problems as a fit model. She is double jointed everywhere and while April was fitting her for the Alaia dress, she kept buckling at the knees. April was most patient with her, but was also frustrated at the same time. Afraid this would result in fewer articles of clothing for the FR girls, she suggested a gift for April……a dress form conforming to the Royal girls’ measurements. OMG, what a brilliant idea. Jordan, feeling especially grateful for her rescue, spoke to the other Royals and, through their connections, made arrangements with April’s father to order the mannequin and have it delivered before Christmas. The rest of us did not even see that one coming.

Thanks-classic-Barbie-formThe older Barbies in the house did overhear the conversation and were able to act fast enough to procure one with their measurements. It’s not as nice as the FR model (it’s purple plastic), but after all, it’s the thought that counts. And it’s more than we thought of.

The rest of us, on the other hand, were feeling quite embarrassed. How could we, the ones who get the most amount of loot, could forget to show April our appreciation with a gift? Did we really think our presence was enough for April? While April was exchanging gifts with her father and admiring the dress form, a few of us slipped away and wrote a heartfelt note to April.Thanks-The-gang

And though it was not a physical gift, she thoroughly appreciated the gesture and gave each one of us a hug. What a happy, happy holiday!!!! (Cannot wait until New Year’s Eve when all of us get to pose on the piano!!!) Thanks-Letter