What a Party!!!

New-YearFor the second year in the row, the dolls of house threw a “Black & White Ball.” It was a black tie affair, though some of the dolls came in cocktail dress since April ran out of formal wear and could only make a limited number of dresses within a short period of time.New-Year-divas-3

Afraid she would be left out, Kimora quickly grabbed some of the silver tinsel off one Christmas tree and wrapped it around her in the form of a short, sparkly shift dress. We all crossed our fingers it would not fall off the poor doll while she was dancing…… Nonetheless, Kimora looks good in anything and everything…even Christmas tree tinsel!

But the real story happened atop the piano. Everyone adhered to the black and white theme. Everyone looked positively dreamy. The ball was so popular this year, the dolls upstairs were fighting to get invited. Sadly there only so many places and after all….SOMEONE had to keep April company.

New-Year-divas-5We did draw straws. The agreement was that those present for the Christmas party, would cede their places. The exception was that all new dollies would be able to attend. And that’s how it started out. But as soon as the lights went out (just before midnight), there was a scrambling all over the house. Dolls were flinging themselves off the dresser-tops onto the floor and down the stairs. Some were not even dressed properly! (There was Chrystele in that Hermes leather coat and a simple red coat. The nerve!)New-Year-divas-2

By the time April came downstairs for her champagne, there were VERY few dolls in the rooms. The party had spread all throughout the livingroom and the diningroom! I think April did notice there were dolls where there shouldn’t be, however she was chic enough not to say anything. She simply shrugged her shoulders and told everyone to behave themselves. And with that, the clock struck midnight and April wished us all a very Happy New Year!New-Year-divas-4


New-Year-group-6 New-Year-divas-1


On behave of all the dolls in the house, we look forward to sharing lots more stories with you in 2014!!!


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  1. This is a very clever theme. The tinsel dress reminds me of the fringed mini-dresses go-go dancers wore in the 1960s.

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