Back to Work….


That’s me on the left doing my “Downton Abbey” thing.

Well….”holidays can’t last forever, otherwise they wouldn’t be special.” That’s what April told us when we ask why she couldn’t leave up the Christmas decorations. This was my first holiday in the house and I couldn’t have been more delighted. But now it’s over.

We did notice that April removed everything red just before New Years, but we didn’t think anything of it. She even let us keep on our New Year’s eveningwear on until Sunday when we were all brought upstairs. A few returned to the piano, this time dressed in white. We were so happy over our change of outfits, we did not even notice that she was gradually restoring the house to its pre-holiday décor.


So fab!!

No sooner the holidays were over, we were back on the job with lots of fittings and photo shoots. Nonetheless, the Royal girls are quite happy. April made a basic dress foundation pattern for us which means she’s serious about making us clothes! I must say, me and April took an immediate liking to each other. (She’s been telling everyone how divine my “Liza Minella” haircut is!) Last week, I was measured, taped and had a foundation garment draped to my body. April was working on strapless sheath gowns for the Golden Globes Awards ceremony. But she underestimated the size of my (rather ample) bust and the first two gowns she made had to be refitted on the Barbies. Wasn’t crazy about that but I figured, whenever she does perfect the pattern, all the clothes she makes with this goes to ME and my friends!!!


Beverly looks good here, but…..

Still, nothing was lost. Beverly, one of the junior Barbies in the house, was wearing a drop dead gorgeous navy lace gown with a matching coat that April had designed awhile ago. She had been photographed for the blog, but at the last minute, April decided to try it on me. Surprisingly it fit! (The lace stretched a bit.) Beverly was NOT happy, at first. After all, she had been in that dress for over a year and at the very least, she felt she should be the one photographed in it for the blog. I told Beverly I didn’t want to create problems, and she could have the dress back–but then I pointed out how she had been complaining about always wearing the same outfit for such a long time. Perhaps, by letting go, April would finally put her in something new. Once she thought it over, she was okay.

And so April photographed me in it and I must say…..three words come to mind…FAB-U-LOUS!!!! Ha! We got rave reviews on that photo!!! April’s promised me there’d be lots more shoots!

Now, I have something to tell you and this must remain a secret between me and you and you must promise you will not tell April or even the Barbie clan… I have this cousinshe’s an Italian model named Monica Cardinale. She sports a darling little 1930’s wavy hairdo, has a ruddy complexion and looks fabulous in everything she tries on. Right now I’m pitching the idea to April about doing a shoot using models with short hair only. I mean like, that would be so incredibly A-MAZ-ING, so modern! There are a few Barbies here who make the grade, but Monica would really bring something to the table!! I mean, like, she is amazing and after all….the Royal girls really step things up a bit! This means, however, April would have to send for her. Yeah, I know…I’m not sure how I’m going to convince her to do this especially since her last words to us were: No More Friends…..but I’m working on a way to get her here!!!! Shhhhhhh…. You did not hear this from me.



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  1. I love secrets too! I won’t tell anyone about this…. but I am, I have to tell you, a bit envious of your privileged situation… Wow,you get to keep decorations up for a while, changing colors to keep up the spirit. And you get to wear monkey coats.

    Well, I’m still ten and I am not even into bras yet. Boy, I just can’t wait to get into a corset. Maybe April can make me one too? Olimpia

    • Ohhhh Olimpia…we are some of the luckiest dolls on the planet. That’s why so many of our relatives & friends try hard to get here. But, sorry you’ll have to find your own April ’cause we have this one really busy making lots of clothes for us!!!

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