Union demands


We demand equal work for all!

It has been very difficult to post anything in recent weeks. April keeps us CRAZY busy with work from day to night. By the time she’s finished with us, we are so tired. At first, most of us Barbies cheered as we watched April working the Royal girls. (The rest of us were worked straight out of the box.) But April was pretty easy on our Royal highnesses at first. All they had to do was to stand around, look pretty and smile. We wondered what was the point of bringing the Royals into the fold if they weren’t going to earn their keep. And then…..boy oh boy, did the work commence.


See Veronique work!

Veronique had been buttering up April for this and for that. Of course April likes her cute little haircut, so she put Veronique to work….day and night. The rest of us had to laugh. Veronique’s friend, Monica was also put to work and not just for pictures. April is using her new dress form the Royals bought for her, but ultimately the dress has to go onto the doll and Monica had to stand, knees straight (which is hard to do for the articulated girls), for hours on end. And so we delighted in knowing that at the end of the day, a model is a model whether she comes from Royal bloodlines or not!!! We are all vinyl when you take off our clothes. But then something happened. The stupid factor amongst a certain sector of Barbies kicked in….


S.I.S.ter Union Organizers

They could not leave well enough alone. Some of the older S.I.S.ters began feeling threatened and they began to grumble. “We’re losing our jobs to the Royals. April hasn’t been fitting clothes on us nor are we being photographed for anything. And that’s not fair!” Already, all the S.I.S.ters were absent (with the exception of Kimora) during the couture collections. The girls were not happy. “Why, we stand around day after day, month after month, bored, as we watch new dollies coming into the house.” On that note, a union was formed…the “UDW”–United Dolly Workers.

Liya in clothespin dress2

Trini girls also have demands


Long, unglamorous hours as a fit model!!!

A list of demands were drawn up and sent to April. Amongst those demands: 1) all dolls should be rotated around the house (so that everyone gets a fair chance at posing on the piano), 2) their clothes must be changed on a regular basis, no less than four times a year. Roshumba, the dolly in the wedding dress on the buffet explained how she and three other colleagues have been in the same outfits, standing in the same spots for years. The dolls in the guest room (also known as the Caribbean room) signed the petition as well. “We are underworked, under represented. And April has the nerve to bring NEW girls into house. I don’t think so.” Other demands set limits on the number of hours April could work each doll per day. The Barbies are demanding more shoes and less new dolls brought into the house. And…they are demanding more male dolls to be brought on board. “It’s worse than an episode of “The Bachelor” up in here.”


Roshumba in her Vionnet dress

April remained super cool as she was confronted. She read the list, smiled at the dolls, then promptly put EVERYONE with the exception of the older dollies and the dollar-store Barbies to work. The fur coats were ripped off and replaced by cotton patterns and now new clothes. Some dolls were left on ledges as they awaited their pictures to be taken. Others left naked on the bed or desktop as they watched April drift from one garment to another. There were so many changes, so much going on, that now there is a heap of clothes so tall, April had to move a number of dolls into another room.


Work, Monica, Work!!!

Some dolls were sent abroad for Fashion Week. The dolls in Paris are scouting new styles and getting ready for the Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris. The dolls on the piano were ordered upstairs to the room for fittings. AND even Roshumba has lost the wedding dress. She’s been fitted and refitted for several photo shoots. (She says she doesn’t mind, but the poor doll is so tired, she has a hard time standing these days.) Beverly, the doll that was upset when her navy lace dress was taken away and photographed on Monica, has also been fitted for several dresses, since the incident. She was featured in the Vionnet photo shoot on April’s blog. Real trouper that she is, she went up and thanked Monica for having talked her into letting go the lace dress. “It’s a lot of work, but things really did lead to new opportunities.” Vionnet-blk-jabot-dress-2

It has gotten so hectic, so insanely crazy with work, we are now taking bets that April will soon begin working the dollar store dollies! And so, with all of that….the UDW has decided to revise, even roll back some of its original demands. However we didn’t completely lose. April sat down with our representatives and explained that now that operations are expanding, we will all have specific jobs and roles to play. She also told us that each doll has to be suited for the dress April creates. And yes, we get that. Some of the dresses April makes do not work on the doll it was created for. It might be tried on a number of dolls before things are decided. Successful pictures are essential, so the doll that looks the best in the dress is the one who’s photographed. She can’t get sentimental about this. The blog HAS to look good. It’s not personal, dollies. It’s just business.

FR Remi

Remi, the doll of our dreams

One of the concessions April IS considering is our demand for more male dolls. We LOVE her taste in men. Those Royal male dolls are H-O-T!!!!! It was explained that the hottest hunks are also the most expensive to bring in and for the moment, she doesn’t have the money. (April was eyeing an FR Remi and an FR Lukas.) This got us thinking. For ever three female dolls, April could afford a really cute dude for us.  A few even suggested sabotaging April’s efforts in bringing in more girl dolls so that she can save up to bring in a handsome prince. Not so sure that is a good idea. But strangely enough, there have been considerably fewer dolls on eBay and April’s “watch” list is empty. Hmmmm…..Wonder how the girls managed that. Nonetheless, April if you are listening, we would be happy with one of those Barbie Basics Ken dolls if you can’t get Remi.


Waris, our DWA

There is a bit more news to report. We have a Frankendolly amongst us. Shhhh….April doesn’t like us using that word. She says it’s disrespectful. But the reality is, we’re not sure who or what this doll is. A royal head on a Barbie body. Bizarre! All we know is that she’s somehow related to Jourdan, so we think. Though they resemble each other, this doll (named Waris) is shorter, ll-3/4″ instead of 12 inches. But in her favor, thanks to her Barbie Model Muse slim body, she strikes a pose much better than Jourdan.

Scarcely after her arrival, April immediately changed her makeup by covering over her white eyeliner with a smoky kohl eye shadow. She came dressed in a cute little checkerboard minidress and high heeled knee high boots which, as you can guess, was immediately replaced by a little black dress. Without hesitation, Waris grabbed Katoucha’s fur cocoon coat, tossed it over her shoulders and dared us to say anything about it!!! OMG! She’s DWA… Doll With Attitude! Our kind of girl!!

What we like about Waris is that she is unapologetic about her physique. She is what she is and she totally assumes it. Waris simply makes her stand and strikes her pose. April even commented about how it will be a lot easier to work with her (than her half-sister) since her legs and body don’t bend and she works as well as any BB girl.

Waris, we’re officially adopting you as BR, Barbie Royalty. You go girl!!!!


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  1. You’ve got some lovely clothes going on here … I have fantasies about making something new for every single doll I have, but a) I’m not very good at sewing b) it hurts my hands and I can’t use a sewing machine c) even if I could manage one dress a day (which seems to be my top limit) every single day for a year, I STILL wouldn’t have redressed them all – I’m not sure, but it would probably take me closer to two years. Scary thought! You are very talented, and very committed

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. You know….all you have to do is to take a really pretty pocket hankie, drape it around the doll and pin or tie it close with a ribbon or a bit of leather. That’s what I did at the very beginning. I called it “Hankie Couture.” I do like the paper dresses you make for your dolls. But I think you should get a little crazier. After all…it’s only paper!!!

  2. Union Demands, and they should…..:! love Trini…..;and hey, Remi is gorgeous after Ken’s clunky looks. Cannot believe those fittings, down to the markers. Amaaaaazing…

    • Thank you, Olympia. I bought the girls some shoes. Many have new dresses. I’m keeping them REALLY busy (even the older ones). All’s well in the house…..at least for the moment!!!!

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