Short is Chic!!


That’s me, Veronique on the left!


Carla looks great in her sweater top and leather skirt!

Seems like Fashion Week has been going on for an eternity!!!! April sent us to NY and those of us who are new to the house, were quite excited by all of this, at first. How glamorous!  After a grueling 9 days of back-to-back, morning-to-night fashion shows (not to mention the cocktail parties and the clubs–woo-hoo!), we boarded a plane to London. How cool is that! Even more exciting! But by the time we arrived in Milan, we were dragging our feet. Though all of us LOVE Italian clothes, we are all so very, very tired. Too tired to enjoy the clothes, the spotlights, the camera clicks, the wolf whistles from the photographers…..all the attention. Too tired for those bottomless bottles of champagne that circulate backstage at each show and beyond!!! It’s a wonder we look as good as we do, at this point!


Nadja Lucky Monica in her Armani.

Don’t get me wrong…. we all love what we do. It’s why we all made a beeline for April’s house when we discovered her blog. (We know an opportunity when we see one.) But…It’s just so much to do within such a short period of time. April sent our headshots ahead for the castings well ahead of time. This kept us from having to make all of the rounds to be interviewed by the various fashion houses. But once everything gets started, it’s all about fittings, more fittings, even more fittings, then rehearsals. After the catwalk shows (of which there are many), it’s photo sessions. All of this starts early in the morning can take us into the wee hours of the morning. Poor Monica, passed out during her Amani shoot. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about having to get our makeup and hair done.  (We come as a complete package deal.) Thank goodness for that. Otherwise we’d never get any rest.

Not to change the subject but…. Remember that idea I pitched to April about doing photo shoots with short-haired girls only! Well I’m a dolly of my word. And it is happening!!! Okay, I had a few obstacles. Certain members of the Barbie clan (whose names I will not reveal) did their little dirty deal and sabotaged the Ebay site. My friends received the wrong information and stayed away. The Barbies wanted April to bring in more shoes and guy dolls instead of more girl dolls. But I did NOT think this was fair. April was making preparations to bring in a certain Asian dolly from the Kyori Sato family ), when suddenly she vanished from Ebay in thin air! April was so disappointed. AND, I know for a fact she was also looking for Eugenia (Pencil-Me-In). She had been scouring every online store, every auction site to no avail! Strangely enough, she could not find Eugenia (since renamed Nadja) anywhere! Bizarre! But I set things straight. I put word out on the dolly pipeline with instructions as to how other dollies could reach me. Then I passed on the information to April. Voila!


Newest model, Nadja joins our team.


New model, Anna is stunning in her Yamamoto jacket

Sure enough, both girls surfaced within a day of each other. (You’ll get to meet them very shortly, I promise.)  When Anna received my message, she immediately traded her clothes away in order to gained her freedom with the hope that April would find her and take her in. For Nadja, all she needed to do was to relinquish her certificate of authentication.

Now that both dolls are here, April has taken me up on my suggestion, and she will be featuring photo shoots using dolls with short coifs! Word of our sensational haircuts has gotten out and we hear that even the Hollywood stars are copying us by chopping off their hair for this weekend’s Academy Awards. Ha! April is sending a few of us to Los Angeles for the Oscars. Me and my friends plan to upstage those gals right there on the red carpet!



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  1. I love your versions of the designer outfits and the way you edited the original photos to include your dolls.

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