Lupita’s Big Nite (& Mine, Too!!!)

Oscars-14-coverI promised you pictures and here they are. Oscars Nite was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!! We won!!! Lupita won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress in the film, “12 Years a Slave.” I won too! I  We have never been more in demand!

For her red carpet walk, Lupita floated in wearing a sky blue, light-as-air princess dress. I drooled when I saw it knowing that dress would soon be mine. April, on the other hand, was a bit less excited. She was expecting Lupita to wear something more structured. It’s not that she didn’t like the dress, but she told me she knew this dress would cause problems trying to duplicate on the spot.Lupita's-nite2

The dress was not that difficult to construct. First, April quickly sketched the dresses as the actresses appeared on the red carpet, noting down the names as well as the designers they were wearing. It’s interesting to see how she then figures out a simplified version perfect for the scale of us dolls. The pattern for my dress was draped directly on my body.

Lupita's-nite1aHere I am playing fit model as April is draping the pattern. I was in and out of her atelier in less than 1/2 hour. The problem had to do with the pleated fabric. The weather has been terrible and April could not go fabric shopping. I watched her try to hand pleat fabric until the wee hours of the morning only to discover that the pleats were out of scale and the dress was…..well….a very different dress. She wanted to quit. “I never put something so wrong on the blog, my dear,” she told me.

But I insisted. “Our fans will be so disappointed if they tune in to see the Mini Oscars and Lupita is not included in the lineup. “But the dress is contingent on the nature of the fabric chosen.” And then she saw the very disappointed look on my face and continue to search for a solution. Lupita's-nite3She searched all over the house before finding an old camisole that once belonged to her late mother. It was made of a sheer, micro-pleated fabric, trimmed with lace.” Carefully, she took it apart, cut into it and constructed this dress for me so that I could take my place next to Lupita on our bit night.

As far as the other Oscar nite dresses are concerned, everything else went pretty much as planned. Carol was to wear the unpregnant version of Kerry Washington’s Jason Wu gown. Anna would wear Olivia Wilde’s unpregnant version of the Valentino dress. And lucky Latecia was to wear Sandra Bullock’s Aleander McQueen. The drama in the house was with the Christian Dior worn by Jennifer Lawrence.

Lupita's-nite-red-dress-bluApril had originally chosen Nadja to wear this dress. In fact, it as fitted to her. But when the dress was nearly finished, April felt Nadja’s proportions and skin tone were not working and thus, it did not look so good on her. So Latoya was chosen to wear the dress instead. The rest of us agreed with April. Nadja was crushed.  To prove her point, April photographed both girls and at the end of the day, Latoya was chosen for the red carpet.

Anyway….back to me. I haven’t taken this dress off since I slid into it. April even made me a little headband. I must say, I do look absolutely stunning. Why, I feel like a princess!!! Lupita's-nite-The-Oscars

P.S. This is THE best day of my life! I am so excited, not to mentioned honored! April just informed me that this picture of me in my furry cocoon coat standing in the snow just won 2nd place in Doll Observer’s (December) Theme of the Month contest. That’s even better than Arianna’s pictures (which placed 3rd the previous two contests)!!!Lupita-Dec-2nd-place-closeu Lupita's-nite-Dec-2nd-place



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  1. What I find so amazing about Lupita’s dress is that when one is working on such a small scale, the fabric may not have enough swing, or flow or that cloud like look we know because it is not, as fabric, scaled down enough. Do you know what I mean? But, you did it, April. The dress looks as though, once Lupita turns a whirl, the skirt of the dress will simply flow and catch up behind.her twirl.

    It’s quite classic and regal. I’m glad is is not so structured. I love “flow’ and I love “billow”. So happy to have seen it. Oh, yes, and April, the artist’s book sketches are a marvel!


    • Thank you Olympia. I’m not even sure I could have found the fabric in a store. What makes this fabric work is the miniscule micro pleated nature of the cloth which almost looks to scale when you look at the original dress. Oh and by the way, there is a silk underskirt which helps with the volume.

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