Tropical Get-Away

Carnival-2014-3 Contrary to popular belief, not all of us dollies get to go off to Europe to walk the catwalk and not all of dollies get the trip to the red carpet ceremonies! So a few of us (who are pretty sick and tired of the sub-zero temperatures and several feet of snow that has fallen) took advantage and slipped out of the house onto the Dolly Jet Express to….Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival!


Couvert in mud and paint at Jouvert.

Well, actually April was aware. She agreed to pick up the fare provided we sent pictures back for the blog….which we did. And boy did we have ourselves a good time. Carnival starts right after the Christmas holidays, even though the holiday is only the two days preceding Ash Wednesday. At around midnight on Carnival Monday the people take part in an activity called “dirty mas” marking “Jouvert.”

April thinks we only participated in the “Pretty Mas” dressed in beads and feathers. She didn’t know we also got out for Jouvert, a big mudfest that takes place behind flatbed trucks carrying loud music and lots to drink! We got out in the wee hours of morning on Monday to our designated meeting spot dressed in shorts and tank tops. Everyone dances the Soca as they trail behind the trucks leading them through the neighborhoods. Lots of mud is flung about as are bottles of paint. Carnival-2014-5I had hand prints on my butt!!! By the time the morning comes, we have walked off our feet, danced till we dropped and the beer is warm. And yeah….I got into the thick of things and here is the snapshot to prove it.

It all ends with breakfast of baked shark and cows heel soup. Then back home to get cleaned up. A nap, then it’s time to go back to the center of town to see the rehearsal of people dressed in traditional costumes, some so big, they need small wheels to help them get down the street. Early the next day on Tuesday, we got dressed in sparkles, beads, bangles and feathers. Me, Jamilia, Waris and Karen headed over to the Queen’s Park Savannah where, in the company of thousand of other skimpily dressed women and men dressed as Indian chiefs or Roman warriors, bounced, danced and strutted our stuff down the main strip of town.

Carnival-2014-2This lasted until nearly midnight. OMG, that was soooo much fun. The chocolate Ken dolls were all over us!!!

And yes, we ate too much. And yes, we all woke up with hangovers. And yes, we slept in all day on Ash Wednesday (which is why we’re posting so late). But you know how the song goes…girls just wanna have fun!!!!