Tyra’s New Best Friend

Stella-1Hi! My name is Stella (named after 90’s supermodel Stella Tennant). I just arrived in the house!!!! The word on the street was that April was looking for a friend for Tyra, the only 16 inch dolly in the house before Monday. Not that she can use me all that much on her blog (it’s really for the 12-inch dollies)….but April  figured she’d need another Tonner friend to make photos for something called “Doll Duels” (a Tonner doll only site).

I think she was genuinely happy when she saw me. She put her arms around me and walk all over the house, first to meet Tyra, then everyone else. She told me how sometimes she lay awake at night just thinking of how she’d dress me and change up my look. But after taking one look at me as I emerged from my box, she concluded she did not need to change a thing! My former owner cut my hair into layers which very much pleased April. She said it was one of my selling points. And she even loved my makeup, as is!Stella-under-blk-petals

OMG, I didn’t get a moment to rest. Immediately, the photos started. I was wrapped in black satin, in laser cut silk in tropical colored chiffon and photographed. My hair was disheveled, smoothed back, spiked and within a short period of time, I was twisted, turned and photographed all over the house!!!! She immediately sent my photograph to the Tonner site, to Doll Observers, then posted on Twitter. So you could say, I’ve been introduced. Everyone says I’m gorgeous. Really? No one has ever made such fuss over me.


And if that weren’t enough, April spent the entire day making basic patterns for me so I can have my own set of clothes. Though I’m the same height, I’m smaller than Tyra, you know. AND…I was filmed for two of those new tutorial videos April has been putting on her blog!

The Barbies and the Royals seem perplexed by all the attention I’ve been getting over the past three days. Though Jennifer, the Fashionista sitting on April’s bed stand, confided how this is so typical of April to fawn over each new dolly who arrives in the house. Nonetheless, I have this feeling I’m going to be kept really, really busy!!!!



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  1. The first photo of Stella:
    the heavy, but lush folds of the drapery are so evocative and add mysteriousness to her overall effect. – Olympia

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