The Work Horse

Doilies-girdleIt’s C-R-A-Z-Y here!!!!! Hi, I’m Anna. We’ve only met briefly when I first arrived to the house last month. I haven’t had any time to sit down and introduce myself because April keeps me really, really, really busy!!!!! And by the time I could get to the computer, Stella was already in front of the screen! We’ll get back to her, later.

No sooner did I arrive, April put me directly to work. First there were the European fashion weeks, then a hop back over the ocean to Los Angeles for the Oscars, then back to the house where I’ve been photographed for nearly every post with the exception of Stella’s pages on Doll Duels. Wow! I am really on fire here!

I knew April was favoring models with short hair right now, but folks, this is crazy! I’m getting more attention than Veronica, the first short haired Royal in the house. My colleague, Nadja who arrived in the house (at great expense) the same day as me, has not worked nearly as much! Not sure why. Guess I just look better in the clothes than her. Her, and nearly everyone else, I might say. There are other Royals who still haven’t gotten their first real photo shoot. With me, it’s been feature after feature after feature. And my body is not nearly as perfect as some of the other dolls around here. Well, I suppose April works in cycles.


Strutting my stuff in Paris.

Ever since Stella came to the house, April put me down and has been working with her, a 16″ long drink of water who is much taller than the restl of us (except Tyra, of course). I really don’t mind because at least I get a little rest, now that she is here. BUT…it’s not the same kind of work. She’s here to pose for fashion art photos. Her participation I limited! I hear she’ll get some clothes out of the deal. I mean, like WHY would you do this job if you don’t get any clothes out of the deal??!!! I mean like you HAVE to work or risk being shoved into a closet and forgotten. (Not that April does this, though others do. Had that happen to me by my previous owner who forgot I was there!) But Stella won’t be featured so much on the blog. Although….April did cut a video of her…. Hmmmm

I heard Stella tried to get a friend of hers here last night. Ha!April refused. I mean like, do you realize it takes more fabric to make clothes for those big girls AND they can’t share our shoes, accessories and clothes with us or with each other. April has to buy separate stuff for them. AND, she can’t even wear the same shoes as Tyra! I mean like you get your own stuff, but you don’t get that much of it!


Showing up Olivia Wilde-Vale at the Oscars

OK, so I know Tyra needed a friend of the same size. (Though I think she was hoping for a boyfriend, instead.) So okay, I get it. But still…. It’s crowded and we all need our stuff!

Enough of me ranting on…..I’m the new “star” in the house now. Like all passing trends, April will tire of her artsy fartsy fashion photos of STELLA! Who needs an aloof, mysterious, super tanned goddess with a perfect body when you’ve got…..MOI!

Off to the Opera on another photo shoot!

Off to the Opera on another photo shoot!